The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 681 - Making A New Acquaintance And Departing Together

Chapter 681: Making A New Acquaintance And Departing Together

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes right after Zhang Shaofeng spoke.

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“Zhang Shaofeng, good job! You just wanted Jianjian to spar with some uncle of yours, isn’t it! And to beat around the bush like this...” Chen Xinyi attacked Zhang Shaofeng immediately once she caught his fault.

“Heh heh.” Zhang Shaofeng whose plan was divulged by Chen Xinyi could only rub his nose and chuckle in embarrassment.

As they spoke, they had left the school building and were walking out the gate.

Yun Jian was making her way out the street toward the opposite road when a female voice came from behind her but it was not directed to her.

“Hi, Yichen, where are you guys going? Mind if I tag along?” The voice that sounded rather easygoing came from behind.

Yun Jian saw the owner of the voice once she turned around. It was a girl around 18 years old who looked like a boy with her short hair. She was wearing guys’ clothing too, which made her look more like a tomboy. Nevertheless, it could be seen that she was a girl from her features and lines. From the appearance, the girl was unlike a boy.

“Sis Lin, you’re back?” asked Ling Yichen whose mood brightened up instantly when he turned and saw the boyish girl.

“Coming back for a visit. You should already be in ninth grade now, right?” Meng Lin, who was called Sis Lin by Ling Yichen, replied to the latter briefly.

“Yeah!” Ling Yichen nodded and introduced her to Yun Jian and the group. “This is Sister Lin, our senior. She’s two years older than us and has graduated, currently a sophomore in a high school in another province.”

Ling Yichen spoke and could not help chuckling. “Sis Lin is excellent in her studies. Back when I was in seventh grade, she helped me out a lot.”

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Meng Lin did not shy away from Ling Yichen’s introduction. She extended a hand to Yun Jian and the group generously and greeted, “Hi, nice to meet you! You can call me a senior if you want to. I graduated from Longmen Yi Junior High as well.”

She chuckled as she said that while Yun Jian expressed her amiability.

“Right, I heard you guys from over there just now. Did you say you’re going to a taekwondo gym? Don’t mind taking me along?” Meng Lin clenched her fists and showed off her power like a boy before guffawing.

“No worries, of course!” Ling Yichen replied happily and turned to tell Yun Jian, “Sis Lin has been training judo since she was a kid and is an expert now. Yun Jian, you two can spar!”

Ling Yichen and others knew about Yun Jian’s ability and it was common for two people who were skilled to spar and learn from each other.

“Sure.” Yun Jian wore a small smile, her beauty an enchanting spell.

She did not dislike Meng Lin. She was easygoing and straightforward like a boy; it meant that she was not as calculative and devious like girls, and Yun Jian was fine with it.

Making an acquaintance with Meng Lin did not make much difference as all of them continued walking to the taekwondo gym Zhang Shaofeng’s uncle had just opened. They made it through a few streets, went across a busy area and the taekwondo gym was just by the road after the bustling region.

Yun Jian and the group made their way into the gym.

“Ha! Ha!”

Just as they entered, they saw a group of people sparring in pairs at the front.

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