The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 684 - One Of The Weakest. Leader Cottone

Chapter 684: One Of The Weakest. Leader Cottone

Rampant Corps was only one of the teams in Gale Mercenaries. Like Team Monarch under Ge Junjian, it was just one of many.

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It was just that even when Team Monarch was one of many, it was already the representation of Advance Special Forces. During the two earlier missions Yun Jian had gone on, including taking out Inferno Ring afterward, what she had done had thoroughly spread the name of Team Monarch.

Zuo Linwei had just spoken when the roguish boy exclaimed aloud. The latter had obviously studied the international mercenary organizations.

“Goodness! Rampant Corps! Coach Zuo, you’re from Rampant Corps!” The young man shouted immediately as if he was afraid that people did not know about said team.

“Hey, Ning Bin, speak properly! What’s Rampant Corps?” The boys around them grew interested and asked.

It was not like everyone knew about Gale Mercenaries. They might know what an organization like it was. However, given the precise name—Gale Mercenaries, most of them in the gym had no knowledge regarding it.

“Heh, you didn’t know?” As there were girls around, especially pretty ones like Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi, the thuggish guy who was called Ning Bin amped up the suspense as he chuckled.

“Duh! Tell us now if you’re going to!” A few guys who could not stand Ning Bin chided.

Ning Bin was deliberately keeping them guessing, thinking that he was standing out in a positive light when he acted like he was knowledgeable in front of the girls. However, the other guys were naturally annoyed when they saw him showing off before the girls.

Urged, Ning Bin continued with pride. “Hah, there are only 120 people in Rampant Corps but it’s said that the top 20 out of these 120 people have ranks in various international charts! You know, hacker ranking, assassin chart, secret agent placing, all that stuff. While they might not rank super high, they’re all elites of the elites!”

With Ning Bin’s boast, many of them sucked in a breath of amazement.

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Assuming superiority, Ning Bin turned to Zuo Linwei and praised again, “Coach Zuo, you’re really from the Rampant Corps? This is unbelievable!”

“I’m only one of the weakest in the team,” the man replied.

Zuo Linwei chuckled awkwardly as he was being honest.

“You’re still awesome, though!” Ning Bin spoke highly of the man. There was a massive change in his attitude from the start of this topic to this moment.

Everyone’s gaze shifted to Zuo Linwei as they talked about him. It only made the man shift uncomfortably.

Just as everyone was engaged in their own conversation, Yun Jian’s melodious voice rang, “Gale Mercenaries...”

As she spoke, she looked at Zuo Linwei and asked, “Since you’re from Gale Mercenaries, I suppose you’d know that brat Cottone? How’s the kid doing now?”

Cottone, a superior figure in Gale Mercenaries and one of the top three hacking experts in the global hacker chart. His formidable ability was also publicly acknowledged.

Yun Jian had known Cottone in her past life. Due to some dealing of armaments, they shared deep interactions for some time. That was the reason Yun Jian’s question rose naturally when she heard about Gale Mercenaries.

Zuo Linwei, on the other hand, exclaimed when he heard what the girl asked, “You know Leader Cottone?!”

Yun Jian had even called him a brat! She dared call him a kid!

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