The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 685 - Not Qualified To See Him

Chapter 685: Not Qualified To See Him

Zuo Linwei’s gaze traveled from the others to Yun Jian. His eyes widened swiftly as he stared at her in extreme disbelief.

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Cottone’s status in Gale Mercenaries was equivalent to the organization’s leader. The term of address used in Gale Mercenaries was different from Gu Sha Mercenaries; where Gu Sha’s head was called boss, Gale’s head was called the leader. It was just that Gale Mercenaries was formed by international mercenaries, so the authority of its leader was not as substantial as Gu Sha’s boss.

Gu Sha Mercenaries’ boss called the shots, but Gale Mercenaries was different—every allied state had the right to speak. This meant that its leader did not have complete authority.

As for Cottone, he was personally recruited by Gale Mercenaries’ leader back then and his power within the organization leveled the person in charge of running it. Sometimes his opinion was more influential than the leader’s.

Such was the contrast. Someone like Zuo Linwei did not even have the opportunity to talk to Cottone. That was why he was so shocked when he heard Yun Jian addressing him so casually. After all, she was only a 16-year-old girl and Zuo Linwei had never mentioned Cottone prior to this. Since she could mention his name, it could only mean that she definitely knew who he was and might actually know him.

Everyone was confused when they saw Zuo Linwei’s surprise.

Who was Cottone? Who was Leader Cottone?

Someone who could flabbergast a retired mercenary like Zuo Linwei must not be someone simple!

Instantly, all of them shifted their eyes to Yun Jian.

“Who’s Cottone?” Ning Bin felt like Yun Jian had taken away his limelight. He was disgruntled but he would not insult her. It was only because Ning Bin had acted like he was knowledgeable for the girls. If Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi were not there, he probably would not even say anything.

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Yun Jian and Chen Xinyi were pretty but the former was a notch more attractive in comparison, so Ning Bin had his eyes set on her and wanted to boast. His question was posed to Yun Jian as well.

Nonetheless, Yun Jian did not even spare a glance at Ning Bin. She looked at Zuo Linwei to answer his question just now, “Mn, I do know him.”

She did not just know him. Back when she was new to the hacking world, Cottone was her senior. Less than two months into her training, however, she had managed to hack Cottone’s flimsy program and wreck it, causing Cottone to pay a hefty price for it—losing 1 billion US dollars—not that the sum was something significant to someone like Cottone.

Cottone was not mad at her either. Yun Jian later worked with him on an armament business deal but they had only spent a few days together.

Yun Jian knew a considerable number of people and Cottone was one among many.

The girl’s nonchalant reply stunned Zuo Linwei.

As a member of Gale Mercenaries himself, he was not capable of meeting Cottone but Yun Jian knew the latter?

Ning Bin who was standing at the side was irked that he was being ignored. He asked Yun Jian again with patience, “Hey, cutie, who’s Cottone? Can you tell me about him?”

Just as he said that Zuo Linwei answered on behalf of Yun Jian, “Cottone calls the shots in Gale Mercenaries. His status... is even higher than the leader of Gale Mercenaries! A small fry like me isn’t even qualified to see him!”

Zuo Linwei’s confession made everyone gasp—not because of Cottone’s status, but because Yun Jian knew him!

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