The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 686 - A Duel—Yun Jian Agrees

Chapter 686: A Duel—Yun Jian Agrees

While people were baffled, Zuo Linwei looked over to Yun Jian. He took two deep inhales before asking, “May I know you’re...?”

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He had noticeably dragged his last syllable, evident of his stupor.

Everyone fixed their stare on Yun Jian at Zuo Linwei’s question, like they were going to penetrate her with their gazes.

Yun Jian pressed her lips together lightly before a bright grin stretched across her flawlessly delicate face. She answered the man, “I’m Yun Jian. Didn’t Zhang Shaofeng just tell you?”

What Yun Jian said put a frown on Zuo Linwei even though he was not planning to find out her real identity from her. There were so many people here. Even if Yun Jian were to tell him, it would not be in front of so many people.

Nevertheless, many of them found the answer disappointing.

“Pft, who did she think she is? I think she’s just boasting!” One of the guys could not help sneering.

“Boasting? Like hell she’s boasting. Piece of sh*t, try and boast to us if you’re so good!” Zhang Shaofeng defended Yun Jian immediately and insulted the guy.

The guy shrunk, intimidated by Zhang Shaofeng’s barb. It might also be due to his knowledge about Zhang Shaofeng’s relationship with Zuo Linwei, so he dared not speak anymore.

“Heh heh, I didn’t expect you to be so much less annoying for once!” Chen Xinyi complimented Zhang Shaofeng on his rebuttal for Yun Jian.

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“Always better than you!” Zhang Shaofeng bickered before he jogged to the front of Yun Jian.

“Cough.” Zuo Linwei faked a soft cough and looked at Yun Jian properly. It was now that he really felt like sparring with Yun Jian.

“Yichen, your friends are interesting!” Meng Lin said as she ran her hand through her short hair and extended it to Yun Jian, speaking like a boy, “Pretty girl, let’s be friends? Let’s get to know each other again. I’m Meng Lin, your senior from the previous cohort.”

Meng Lin’s hand was stuck out for a handshake in an easygoing manner. Everyone liked being friends with capable people, so did Meng Lin.

Yun Jian squinted before she extended her hand as well.

“Yun Jian.” She clasped her hand over Meng Lin’s as she repeated her name to the latter, having decided to be friends.

Truthfully, she quite liked easygoing and carefree women who had a tinge of masculinity in their mannerisms like Meng Lin. Yun Jian had a decent impression of her from the start.

“Hey, are you guys done? Shaofeng mentioned that you’re good. Spar with me if you don’t mind?” Zuo Linwei liked duels. Challenging people better than him was something he enjoyed doing, so he expressed his thoughts with a hand stretched out to Yun Jian.

“Yeah! Master, spar with my uncle. Everyone’s eager to watch too, right guys?” Zhang Shaofeng did not forget his initial purpose and asked Yun Jian with a slight pleading tone.

With what he said, most of them in the gym agreed as they did want to see how good Yun Jian was for themselves. It was a free show for them and that was what they were waiting for.

The corners of Yun Jian’s lips raised under everyone’s anticipating gaze as she uttered softly, “Sure.”

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