The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 687 - Go, Master! A Fair Match

Chapter 687: Go, Master! A Fair Match

All the previous questions, regarding Gale Mercenaries, Yun Jian knowing Cottone and whatnot, were quickly forgotten by those in the gym swiftly.

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The only matter of their interest right now, especially the students of the taekwondo gym, was—Yun Jian and Coach Zuo Linwei’s sparring.

One was a taekwondo instructor who was also a fresh retiree from the international Gale Mercenaries, while another one was a teenage girl who knew a personage whom an ex-mercenary like Zuo Linwei was reverent of.

Moreover, Zhang Shaofeng had been lauding about Yun Jian, making others there eager to judge if Yun Jian was as capable as she claimed to be. When she was put up against Zuo Linwei, who was better between the two of them?

“Yun Jian, go for it!” Tomboy Meng Lin, who had just made friends with Yun Jian, pulled her right arm into a fist pump at her when she heard that the latter was sparring with Zuo Linwei.

“Mn,” Yun Jian replied calmly but her eyes were gleaming.

“Come on!” Zuo Linwei waved at Yun Jian as he raised his voice simultaneously.

There was another glint in Yun Jian’s eyes as she smirked and went toward where the students had been sparring in pairs just now. There was a simple fighting ring drawn on the floor.

“Go, master! You can do it! You’ll win for sure!”

When Yun Jian came to Zuo Linwei and stood opposite of him, Zhang Shaofeng belted his incessant cheers.

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People in the gym were divided into two groups naturally with the students training in Zuo Linwei’s taekwondo gym supporting him. Nonetheless, the one loudest among the cheers was no doubt Zhang Shaofeng. He was hollering with all he had.

“Brat! I’m nice to you too. You didn’t cheer for me and you cheered for her? Even if it’s just for show, you’re letting me down!” Zuo Linwei who stood opposite Yun Jian could not help teasing Zhang Shaofeng but his tone was jovial.

“Heh!” Zhang Shaofeng stuck his tongue out in embarrassment but he did not stop his cheers for Yun Jian.

“Let’s begin!” Zuo Linwei switched from his joking tone to turn and tell Yun Jian with a hint of seriousness.

“Disclaimer, young friend, I won’t make it easy for you, so you mustn’t go easy on me either. Just go all out! It’s a fair match. Whether you or I lose, this is just a friendly match,” Zuo Linwei said clearly.

He was shrewd as some people lost a match like they lost their pride, wailing and kicking up a fuss after the competition—some would even see the opponents who won against them as their enemies.

It was not like Yun Jian had never been a victim to such scenarios, she ran into them several times prior to this.

Hence, she liked the fact that Zuo Linwei had made it clear in advance.

“I have no objection. We can start.” Yun Jian turned serious as well.

As Zuo Linwei was from Gale Mercenaries, it meant that he was truly skilled.

Yun Jian would not underestimate her opponents and she would not let any chance of winning slip past her. Basically, she would not be going easy on Zuo Linwei for whatever reason there was, simply because she was not someone like that.

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