The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 69 - Starting The Basketball Game. A Tough Cookie (2)

Chapter 69 - Starting The Basketball Game. A Tough Cookie (2)

The basketball team captain of Dongjiang Town Junior High School, Zhang Jun, had led his team players to the sports field early in the morning. When he saw Yun Jian, his eyes nearly squashed into straight lines from how much he was grinning.

With Yun Jiang playing in Xinjiang Town Junior High, the Dongjiang Town Junior High would definitely win!

A girl playing basketball. – Hah, they must be joking!

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In fact, Zhang Jun was not the only one with this thought. The majority of Xinjiang Town Junior High’s teaching faculty and students shared the same worry.

A girl participating and playing against the basketball team of Dongjiang Town Junior High School was something that had never happened in recent years.

After all, it was a fact that girls were physically weaker than boys.

Could victory still be theirs?

Nonetheless, everyone watched in anticipation.


The judge’s whistle was blown.

Both teams took their place.

There were three sets of matches for this basketball competition, the best of three would win. This meant that the first team to win two games would be considered the winner.

Compared to the other players who were fairly nervous, Yun Jian was in a great state of mind. She was not on edge at all from the basketball game.

As the sole girl on the basketball court of this competition, Yun Jian inevitably gained the spectators’ attention.

"I declare the start of the first game of the annual friendly basketball match between Xinjiang Town Junior High and Dongjiang Town Junior High. Players, get ready!"

"Ready... beep!"

The judge blew the whistle that signified the official beginning of the contest.

"Go, Yun Jian! Go, Yun Jian!"

Right as the whistle was blown and the match started, a thunderous and synchronized cheering erupted.

The spectators looked up in surprise toward where the shouting came from, only to see everyone from Class (6) of the ninth grade encouraging Yun Jian rhythmically.

The acclamation was deafening.

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Back on the basketball court, Yun Jian’s comparatively smaller frame had sprinted off with the basketball, traveling like a strike of lightning once the match began.

It was as if the ball had gained a life of its own in her hands as it looked nimble and dynamic.

Watching Yun Jian close the distance to the opponent’s hoop, Zhang Jun stared at her in panic and shouted at his team members. "Block her, block her!"

He did not expect Wen Rui to hand the crucial first ball directly to Yun Jian, nor did he expect that the girl whom he had looked down upon actually possessed such speed!

She was getting close! – Closer!

Glancing at the two opposing players who were stopping her advance, Yun Jian suddenly wore a smile.

There was a rule in basketball stating you should dribble the ball, and to not run while holding it.

In spite of it, there was no way they could stop her!

Yun Jian grinned. Giving the basketball in her hand a dribble, the ball bounced toward in between the two players from the opposing team at an amazing speed that neither were quick enough to respond.

As the ball passed both players who were supposed to block her, Yun Jian ran toward them as well.

"Is she crazy? She’s passing the ball to them directly! We’re gonna lose, we’re gonna lose!"

The spectators shrieked.

However, when Yun Jian was right in front of the two opposing team players, she took a hard stomp and sprang up.

The next scene came as a huge surprise to everyone, stunning them on the spot.

Leaping two meters tall, Yun Jian flipped right over the boys and landed soundly on the court.

The basketball went through both members as well, following its trajectory and landing in Yun Jian’s hands to be dribbled once again...

The spectators dropped their jaws.

The court and the sidelines were dead silent.

Everyone had only one thought through their minds. "Oh my god, you could play basketball like that!? Wow, this girl... she’s a tough cookie!"

The conclusion of their emotions was "Holy sh*t!".

They were completely in shock.

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