The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 690 - How Are You Believing It? Gratifying

Chapter 690: How Are You Believing It? Gratifying

Zhang Shaofeng was still familiarizing the move that Yun Jian had just taught him. He was serious about it and that made Chen Xinyi who wanted to tease him clamp her mouth shut.

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Yun Jian, on the other hand, turned her head slightly to look at Ning Bin for the first time. The latter had kept talking on his own before this, given that Yun Jian ignored him.

Perhaps girls like guys who acted cool and suave like Ning Bin, as plenty of them fell into conversation with him and cottoned up to him.

Seeing that Yun Jian was finally turning around and regarding him for once, Ning Bin was rather thrilled. He fixed his gaze on Yun Jian, looking forward to her answer. His anticipation came partially from the fact that Yun Jian was regarding him, while part of it was because he was eager to find out who taught Yun Jian her skills as well.

“Myself. Do you believe it?” Yun Jian’s quirked lips and her glinting eyes prompted a blink from everyone there. It also disgruntled some of the guys there.

“Pft, who are you bluffing? The master teaches the trade, the rest is self-made! You’re saying you don’t have a master and you learned it on your own? No one’s their craft’s master the first day!” someone retorted out of indignation.

There was some truth in there. The saying had its reasoning.

In spite of it, Yun Jian really had no one to teach her these moves. She figured them out herself. Other than the art of hypnosis that the elder had taught her back then, Yun Jian had come up with these lethal moves through trial and error. She was a survivor from the dead; when she killed enough people and fought enough mavens, some of the techniques came naturally to her.

“You don’t believe it?” Yun Jian arched her brow. Then, her tone changed as her smile flattened instantly. “What if I say that I’m an assassin who survived after killing in battle royales and it’s experience from killing too many people? Do you all... believe it?” Yun Jian’s eyes darkened with a murderous glare.

She had never been one to speak and act dutifully.

Right as Yun Jian said that, Zuo Linwei who lost to Yun Jian just now was startled again. An assassin?!

If she was really a killer who made it out from an assassin organization, everything made sense!

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All of them there were baffled with wide eyes scanning Yun Jian.

“An as-assa-ass—you’re an assassin?” Ning Bin was already scared witless by Yun Jian.

Just when everyone there nearly believed that it was true, Yun Jian suddenly turned to glance at Ning Bin and taunted with a smirk, “How are you believing it?”

Yun Jian did not quite like someone like Ning Bin, so her tone was not the most courteous.

She then turned around swiftly and went toward Zhang Shaofeng and others, leaving her comment about Ning Bin with the latter, “Fool.”

By the time she got to her friends, they were already out of breath from laughing too hard.

Actually, the handful of them had been repulsed by Ning Bin who talked with barbs and kept wanting to brag in front of everyone since the beginning. What Yun Jian had done just now was a harsh yet indirect slap in the face to Ning Bin. It felt more gratifying than insulting the guy directly.

As expected, Ning Bin glowered promptly at Yun Jian’s remark.

“Master, you’re awesome!” Zhang Shaofeng gestured at Yun Jian.

“Haha!” Ling Yichen let out a pointed bark of laughter standing at the side as well.

“Yun Jian, I didn’t expect you to be so good!” Meng Lin could not help praising.

“Of course, Jianjian is the best!” Chen Xinyi jogged over to hook Yun Jian’s arm and told Meng Lin happily.

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