The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 691 - Screw You! A Marriage Application

Chapter 691: Screw You! A Marriage Application

Meng Lin easily responded to Chen Xinyi with a wide grin.

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There was a round clock hung front and center of the taekwondo gym where Yun Jian could see the time with a lift of her eyes. It was already 12 noon. She had to go to the military training camp at 12:30pm.

Their schedule was for her to teach Zhang Shaofeng some moves and techniques for an hour but what happened today was unexpected. After the laughter died off, Yun Jian then told Zhang Shaofeng, “Stay here and practice the technique that I’ve taught you just now. I’ll check next time.”

What Yun Jian meant was, of course, she had to leave for the military training camp, which Zhang Shaofeng and the rest were aware of, so they nodded.

“Mn, get going, master. Haha, I’ll practice with due diligence!” Zhang Shaofeng was motivated, already setting Yun Jian as his goal in mind.

Working toward his goal was at the top of Zhang Shaofeng’s to-do list right now.

“Mn,” Yun Jian nodded and was about to leave the gym when Meng Lin’s voice came from behind her before she lifted her leg. “Yun Jian, hold on!”

“Hmm?” Yun Jian turned slightly to look at Meng Lin.

She had a good impression of Meng Lin, so she was not going to disregard her.

“I’m going back to school tomorrow, so I’m leaving at 4pm today. I might not be back for a long time since I’m studying in another province but I’m sure about being friends with you! You guys can come to me for a holiday on the next break! Yichen knows where my school is,” Meng Lin offered her invitation to Yun Jian. It was apparent that this tall short-haired tomboy, Meng Lin, was genuine in becoming friends with Yun Jian.

“Mm, definitely.” Yun Jian’s eyes crinkled as she agreed to it looking at Meng Lin’s easygoing personality.

“Mn!” Meng Lin nodded fervently at Yun Jian as well.

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Yun Jian then left the taekwondo gym, still attracting everyone’s gaze until she disappeared out of sight.

Since she had left at 12pm to depart for the military training camp, there was no doubt that she arrived punctually at 12:30pm.

Chu Ning, Chu Xiangnan, and others had already been training there and came over to Yun Jian when they saw her.

In exaggeration, Chu Xiangnan made his way over to Yun Jian and said directly, “Hey, hey, Yun Jian’er, do you know that Officer Ge’s getting married? We heard it from a senior officer who’s super close to Officer Ge. He said that the date isn’t decided yet but there’s no mistaking it!”

“What do you know! Out of my way! Shoo! I’ll tell Yun Jian’er!” Chu Ning grabbed Chu Xiangnan and shoved him away to push herself in front of Yun Jian and continued.

“Heh heh, Yun Jian’er, don’t listen to dummy Chu Xiangnan, but it’s actually true. It’s said that Officer Ge’s divorced his ex-wife a long time ago and he’s planned to get married again right after Lunar New Year! He’s even submitted a marriage application to the superior this morning!”

“We’re just wondering who’s the lucky woman who got to marry Officer Ge. It’s so hard to find an eligible man like Officer Ge now!” Chu Ning could not help being infatuated.

After all, Ge Junjian did look rather charming. He had a face that exuded militant uprightness and with a full set of military uniform, Ge Junjian was charismatic and cool!

It was just that he was past 40 in age now but that did not deter anyone from knowing that he must have been a handsome man in his youth.

“Why aren’t you marrying Officer Ge if he’s so great!” Chu Xiangnan side-eyed Chu Ning, unaware that he had blurted something brimming with jealousy.

“You—Screw you!” Chu Ning ran after Chu Xiangnan to hit him with clenched fists right when she heard him.

Yun Jian smiled awkwardly, tugging a corner of her lips unnoticeably. What was she supposed to say? That Officer Ge’s other half was her mother?

It was only now that she knew about Ge Junjian applying to get married to her mother from his superior. A high-ranking officer like Ge Junjian was required to submit a marriage application, Yun Jian knew that much.

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