The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 692 - Not A Burden. Fight Alongside

Chapter 692: Not A Burden. Fight Alongside

Yun Jian just did not expect Ge Junjian to have acted so speedily. It had not even been that long after he and her mother confirmed their relationship but he had already submitted his application for marriage to his superior. Nonetheless, it was evident that Ge Junjian was sincere about Qin Yirou and that relieved Yun Jian.

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Chu Ning and Chu Xiangnan had promptly become a tangling mess in their jostling while Liu Shiyun and the rest of Team monarch took a glance at the pair helplessly.

“Childish!” Jiang Weiwei chuckled but there was no bite in her tone.

To the girl, she had become a true part of Team Monarch. Perhaps she had been arrogant earlier, and she had all the rights to before Yun Jian appeared. However. people grew up and Jiang Weiwei grew more mature.

Chu Ning sprang up to rap the top of Chu Xiangnan’s head like she always did before she ran back swiftly while the young man was still caught by surprise. Coming up to where Yun Jian and Jiang Weiwei were, she grabbed the two of them and hid herself.

“D*mn it, d*mn you!” Chu Xiangnan cried out in indignation but he did not give chase to get even with Chu Ning.

“His moniker is Thor but he got thwacked by the girls instead.” Even quiet Hong Fan could not help describing Chu Xiangnan’s state in brief words.

Thor was Chu Xiangnan’s pseudonym. When it came from Hong Fan, however, it felt different.

“Sh*t, Hong Nerd, even you’re poking fun at me? Catch this!” Chu Xiangnan gave in to Chu Ning but he was not about to give in to guys, so he charged towards Hong Fan for what the latter said and both of them got wrapped up in each other.

While they were having fun jostling around, Yun Jian’s melodious voice rang, “Officer Ge’s here.”

Instantly, Chu Xiangnan and Hong Fan, who were a mess of tangled limbs, let go of each other. Both of them were like elementary students who sat upright immediately from their bickering and play fighting in class when they suddenly saw the teacher.

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Letting go of his arms that were wrapped around Hong Fan, Chu Xiangnan peered around and shouted, “Huh, where? Where’s Officer Ge?”

Yun Jian curled her lips up. “I was bluffing.”

Chu Ning could not help breaking out into a guffaw, nearly tearing up from how hard she was laughing, after hearing Yun Jian confess that she was lying.

Yun Jian would lie too!

After the laughter died down and Chu Xiangnan and Hong Fan were back to shoving each other, Liu Shiyun came to Yun Jian looking serious. “We’re going to Min City’s military school in a few days and will probably be back once every month or half a month.”

Once Liu Shiyun started the serious topic, Chu Xiangnan and Hong Fan who was messing around stopped what they were doing. Everyone cast their gaze to Yun Jian.

She was in ninth grade now and could not enroll in the military school just yet. Everyone in Team Monarch had spent a long time with each other, so they were more or less saddened at the fact that they were about to part.

After all, coming home every month or half a month meant that the team members would usually not come to the military training camp. Once they had started studying in the military school, the training ground in the school would naturally become their training place.

“Hey, hey, hey, why are we making this into something so sad? It’s not like Yun Jian’er is not coming to the same military school as us! It’s just half a year!” Chu Ning tried to liven up the atmosphere but she was actually sad about it too.

“Yeah, and you can come to us during your breaks, Yun Jian!” Chu Xiangnan chorused.

On behalf of everyone, Liu Shiyun promised Yun Jian formally, “Yun Jian, the six of us aren’t as good as you but we’ll see you as our goal during this half of a year and do our best. We aren’t wishing to surpass you but we hope we at least won’t become a burden to you. We want to fight alongside you!”

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