The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 693 - Getting Married—Who’s The Bride?

Chapter 693: Getting Married—Who’s The Bride?

Liu Shiyun sounded confident as he spoke to Yun Jian with utmost seriousness.

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“That’s right. We’ll work hard to be able to fight right next to you. Every one of us in Team Monarch will live up to this name!” Fang Xiaoran echoed Liu Shiyun’s sentiment as he promised Yun Jian enthusiastically.

Everyone else spoke up one after another to express similar dedication after Fang Xiaoran’s vow which preceded Liu Shiyun’s.

Team Monarch had no weaklings. The monarchs were people heading the world! They were not wimps, they were going to live up to the reputation Yun Jian had brought them and become true kings!

“Excellent!” Whilst the team members were fervid in vowing to fight by Yun Jian’s side, a solid and sonorous voice rang.

They turned and saw Ge Junjian entering from the outside of their training ground, so it was obvious that the man was the one who spoke.

The man was moved listening to their motivated declaration, coming to them in swift strides, and told them, “With such determination, it means that all of you have the potential to be at the top of your game! The future is yours!”

Ge Junjian was perhaps different from other military officers. He was stern when he should be but he would joke around with his troops when it was time to be casual. When it came to encouragement and reward, he was not missing any of these facets either.

It was only when Ge Junjian had said these that the youngsters realized that he was here. Yun Jian smiled as she stood on the side.

“Heh heh, Officer Ge, we heard that you’re getting married. Is it true?” The rousing and ambitious mood just now was promptly turned around by Chu Xiangnan single-handedly.

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Nevertheless, his question shifted everyone’s gaze to the man in question. Anyone would have the curiosity as a subordinate to their superior’s privacy.

As for Ge Junjian, he was usually very down-to-earth other than times he had to be strict. While he had been serious and solemn just now, Chu Xiangnan’s sudden question turned his cheeks pink.

“Officer Ge, tell us. Come on. You’ll have to invite us. We’re definitely going to your wedding!” Chu Ning stared at Ge Junjian in bubbling anticipation like she was planning to interrogate the man.

“Uh... cough! Cough!” Embarrassed from being stared at, Ge Junjian put a fist to his mouth and faked a cough.

“Alright, train hard. Don’t think that I won’t be able to get my leash on you guys when you’ve gone to the military school. All six of you have to pass my assessment here before you go off!” Ge Junjian was still flushed but he waved his hands and said, trying to avert the topic.

“Huh, no way? Officer Ge, isn’t this too harsh?” Chu Xiangnan whined immediately at what his superior said.

“Yeah, Officer Ge, you haven’t told us who’s your bride, heh heh!” Chu Ning redirected the topic of conversation cleverly.

“Tell us! Tell us!” Chu Xiangnan cheered on behalf of Chu Ning.

Facing the two jokers, Chu Xiangnan and Chu Ning, Ge Junjian felt powerless. It was not like he dared not say it, but he had no idea how he was to bring it up—he could not be saying that it was Yun Jian’s mother? It sounded strange somehow coming from him.

The team’s gaze was fixed on Ge Junjian.

Seeing through the man’s awkwardness, Yun Jian helped Ge Junjian out of his misery, saying, “It’s my mom.”

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