The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 696 - The Wedding Date. We’ll Listen To Xiao Jian

Chapter 696: The Wedding Date. We’ll Listen To Xiao Jian

Yun Zhu had turned around abruptly because he wanted to ask both Yun Jian and Si Yi if the house he built or Duan Li built was nicer. It was just that he was greeted with the sight of Yun Jian sitting on Si Yi’s lap before he could get his question out.

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“Yun Zhu, why are you...” Out of curiosity, Duan Li turned around as well when she caught Yun Zhu going silent after he turned out of the corner of her eyes.

Duan Ya mimicked Duan Li and turned around as well.

However, Yun Jian had already hopped off Si Yi’s lap as the latter ceased trapping her. Duan Li and Duan Ya, thus did not catch the suggestive scene of Yun Jian sitting on Si Yi’s lap.

“Cough, nothing.” Yun Jian pretended like nothing happened, not before she glared at Si Yi. When her big eyes widened in threat, it only sparked the flicker of itch within Si Yi further, but Yun Jian had already gone downstairs.

Si Yi chuckled helplessly and went down as well when he saw that Yun Jian had actually learned to ignore him when she got a little angry, leaving Yun Zhu who was stunned and remained in his earlier action.

Duan Li who saw Yun Zhu freezing quickly asked, “Yun Zhu, why does jiejie look angry?”

It took a pause from Yun Zhu before he parted his lips to answer, “I saw jiejie sitting on Si Yi-gege’s legs just now.”

Duan Li considered that for a moment and said, “They must be playing games. Yun Zhu, let’s continue building houses!”

Hence, all three children resumed playing with the building blocks, trying to build bigger and prettier houses, like nothing had happened.


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“Mom, what is it?” Yun Jian who had come downstairs saw Ge Junjian and Qin Yirou on the couch in the living room. Both of them sat close to each other with blissful smiles on their faces, painting a picture of warmth and love.

“Xiao Jian, A-Yi, come look. We’ve picked two wedding dates but we don’t know which one’s better.” Qin Yirou was overflowing with bliss as she leaned her head against Ge Junjian’s shoulder with a smile.

Yun Jian walked over smiling while Si Yi stuck his hands in his pants pockets and followed suit.

Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian were marrying for the second time and both of them already had children, so they felt that there was no need to hold a grand wedding. Nevertheless, they would still go through the regular conventions, but both of them unanimously dismissed the engagement since this was a second marriage to both of them.

In spite of it being a second marriage, Qin Yirou knew that she was going into this one wholeheartedly. When she got married to Yun Gang previously, it was forced—she did not do it out of her own heart.

Therefore, she was as excited as a young maiden in selecting their wedding date.

Yun Jian accepted the calendar Qin Yirou passed her and saw the two dates circled in red. Pressing her lips together, she pointed to one of them and told Qin Yirou, “Let’s go with this one.”

Both Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian stretched their necks to have a look at once, spotting Yun Jian’s finger on the 21st of May on the calendar.

May 21st.

“We’ll pick this day then,” Ge Junjian spoke immediately.

“Alright, we’ll listen to Xiao Jian,” Qin Yirou said softly with a smile.

Si Yi stood a short distance away. He was tall and had good eyesight, so he could see Yun Jian’s delicate finger pointing at 21st May from afar too. Quirking his lips up, his dark eyes curtained under long lashes were incredibly deep.

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