The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 697 - Your Family. The Recognized Son-In-Law

Chapter 697: Your Family. The Recognized Son-In-Law

Having picked the wedding date, giving out wedding invitations was next.

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Since it was a second marriage, Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian were not planning to organize a grand wedding like they were marrying off their daughter for the first time.

Moreover, Qin Yirou did not have many friends and family other than Dong Ruan and her own family as well as Zhang Meihua’s side of the family. Ge Junjian’s parents passed away early, so he had no other guests saved for some comrades in the military.

It was, again, a second marriage to both the adults, so a large-scale wedding was not within their consideration. They wanted to do it simple and sweet.

“I’ll write the invitations and we’ll send them out tomorrow,” said Qin Yirou. She had a nice handwriting when she was still a student and was even set as the example by her teacher.

“Sure.” Ge Junjian nodded.

It was only then that Qin Yirou shifted her gaze away from Ge Junjian to Si Yi and said, “A-Yi, you can ask your family to come too if it’s not a problem for them.”

Qin Yirou only knew that Si Yi’s mother passed away early and felt sympathetic for the child, not knowing anything else. She thought that even if Si Yi’s father was not nice to him, they were family—it was not like all the relatives on his father’s side would treat him poorly.

However, she had thought wrong. Si Yi’s family was complicated. It was an internationally famous family that ran armament deals for generations.

“I don’t have any family,” Si Yi replied coolly.

To him, presences like a father or family were non-existent. His father took him as a profitable tool and only wanted to rake in more benefits using his marriage. As for his relatives... Hah, those people wished death upon him. Depot Leng would be without an heir by then and his so-called relatives would finally have the chance to fight for the right of succession.

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Qin Yirou froze as if not expecting Si Yi to say that. Come to think of it, however, it made sense. If the boy’s family was nice to him, it was impossible for him to come back so soon after returning home for a while.

Both Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian assumed that Si Yi was going home every once in a while when he traveled abroad. To both the adults, the young man’s home was overseas and he was nothing more than a rich family’s son.

“It’s okay, A-Yi. Your Uncle Ge and I are your family from now on,” Qin Yirou smiled with a nod at Si Yi and told him softly.

There was an upward tug on Si Yi’s lips when he heard that.

His Xiao Jian’s family was going to be his family too from now on. He was going to have a family too?

“Mom, I’ll help you with these.” Yun Jian went over to help when she saw Qin Yirou writing the invitations with a black pen.

“Oh, sure!” Qin Yirou did not refuse her daughter when she offered to hand write the invitations for her.

She had already drafted her guests on another piece of paper anyway and Yun Jian’s handwriting had her individual flair as well. It was neat in its own way with a hint of an unrestrained characteristic in the familiar scribble. Her script was uniquely pretty.

Yun Jian took the pen from Qin Yirou and copied the content by hand on the beautiful rectangular card. A handwritten invitation card was always more sincere.

Yun Jian fixed her gaze on the invitation card attentively when she wrote it, penning the content seriously, while Qin Yirou stayed close to Ge Junjian with a soft gaze. Out of the corner of her eyes, Qin Yirou espied Si Yi on the side who was watching Yun Jian fondly. The way he looked made Qin Yirou feel strongly that even if Yun Jian asked for the stars, the young man would give her the universe.

The more Qin Yirou looked at Si Yi, the more he grew on her. From that moment, she truly recognized the child as her son-in-law.

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