The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 698 - Dong Ruan’s Whereabouts. Don’t Choke

Chapter 698: Dong Ruan’s Whereabouts. Don’t Choke

It took Yun Jian only half an hour to help Qin Yirou finish the invitations with care. It was because Qin Yirou had drafted the content with Ge Junjian in advance, so she only had to copy it.

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“Mom, it’s done,” Yun Jian said and passed all the cards she held to the woman.

Although they did not plan to invite a lot of guests, it made up quite a number of invitations. After all, Ge Junjian had a significant number of comrades.

“Mn!” Qin Yirou nodded as she accepted the invitations that were ready from Yun Jian and said, “You’ve worked hard, Xiao Jian.”

Yun Jian smiled, stretching her hand to tuck strands of hair on the side of Qin Yirou’s face to behind her ears. “Mom, it’s nothing. You’re the one who’s been working hard,” she confessed with a small smile.

Qin Yirou had indeed worked hard for Yun Jian and Yun Yi’s sake. No one could deny it.

After some chatter and cleaning up of the invitations, Qin Yirou went off to prepare dinner. Yun Jian and Si Yi went for a walk with Ge Junjian at a small park near the mansion. Not many people frequented the park but the scenery was rather enjoyable.

By the time they came back from the walk, dinner was ready.

“Wash your hands and come eat,” Qin Yirou called out when she saw the trio returning from their walk before she went back to the kitchen to serve the last dish.

“Mn.” With a hum, Yun Jian and the guys did as told.

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Qin Yirou summoned the children who were still upstairs as well.

With delicacies filling up the table, the occupants of the table dug in jovially. Other than Yun Yi as well as Dong Ruan and her son who had gone out to visit their friends and family, everyone was here.

As a student of Di Yi Senior High School, Yun Yi stayed in the school when it reopened. As for Dong Ruan, she was not home for the Lunar New Year. Being a high-ranking official, she was used to traveling to places with her workbag; one could hardly catch sight of Dong Ruan during the first few days of the new year.

Recently, however, Dong Ruan was finally free, so she had taken her child to visit some family and friends, which went on until now. She came back before but did not make a long stop at home. Although her husband passed early, she was filial, taking care of her late husband’s parents as if her own.

Qin Yirou knew that Dong Ruan had probably taken her son to the rural area and was staying at her parents-in-law’s place right now.

“Wow, there are so many dishes!” Duan Li’s attention was caught by the various dishes just as she sat at the dining table and could not help gasping.

“Have more if you like them!” Qin Yirou placed the cutlery for Duan Li with a smile as she encouraged the girl.

Her gentleness earned a fervent nod from Duan Li. “Mn, mn! Mama Qin, you’re the best!”

Duan Li and Duan Ya had the most during the dinner, devouring the dishes on the table like wolves that were famished for days. It ached Qin Yirou’s heart to see that. Why were such nice kids mistreated so badly that they would call an average dinner abundant and relish in it...

“Eat slowly, don’t choke yourself,” Qin Yirou reminded softly with moist eyes that glimmered, to which Duan Li nodded with a mouthful of rice.

After dinner, the kids ran upstairs again. Qin Yirou washed the dishes and cut up a large melon to send a plate to Yun Zhu and the young sisters upstairs before taking another plate to the living room where Yun Jian and others were.

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