The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 699 - Going Back To Send Invitations. Care Less

Chapter 699: Going Back To Send Invitations. Care Less

Qin Yirou placed the plate of melon slices on the glass coffee table in front of the living room couch before calling out, “Have a taste! I just cut them up. An old man selling vegetables in the market today said that he planted it himself. It’s fresh and safe.”

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Yun Jian pierced a piece of melon with a toothpick and savored the taste while Si Yi grabbed the toothpick she had used without batting an eye and picked up a small piece of melon to munch and swallow.

He wore a tiny smirk, feeling honey drizzle into his heart when he saw Yun Jian glare at him like she was fuming, and complemented with a smile, “It’s nice.”

Qin Yirou did not see Si Yi taking the toothpick that Yun Jian had used but Ge Junjian caught it. Nevertheless, the elder man chuckled easily with a raise of his head and said nothing else. To Ge Junjian, children and their feelings should be left to their own discretion.

“Right, I’ll make a trip back to Xinjiang Town tomorrow and send out all the invitations,” Qin Yirou spoke up with a smile after taking a bite of the melon.

“I’ll go with you tomorrow.” Ge Junjian replied.

Qin Yirou was going back to her birth family to send out invitations and inform them about the marriage, so naturally Ge Junjian had to go with her. It was after all basic etiquette.

When Yun Jian heard that Ge Junjian was following Qin Yirou to Xinjiang Town, she pressed her lips together to glare at Si Yi but made no comment about it.

She was a little worried about Qin Yirou going back there to distribute her wedding invitations as her grandmother by title, Qin Yirou’s ex-mother-in-law, had asked for money from Qin Yirou self-righteously back when she found out that Yun Jian had set up New Cruise. If news about Qin Yirou getting married once more got out, Yun Jian was scared of Lu Lanhua making a scene again.

It appeased her that Ge Junjian was going to be there.

After having the melon, Yun Jian told Qin Yirou that she was going to New Cruise, causing the latter to run upstairs for a jacket and chase after her daughter shouting, “Xiao Jian, it’s cold outside at night. Go out with a jacket!”

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It was just that Yun Jian had already made her way out just when Qin Yirou came back down with said outerwear.

“I’ll send it to her.” Hearing that Yun Jian had gone out without a jacket, Si Yi went over to take the garment from Qin Yirou and went after the girl with a spread of his long legs.

“Go slow!” Qin Yirou could not help reminding when she saw Si Yi giving chase with his long legs.

“Let’s care less about the children from now on. They’re all grown up now!” Ge Junjian gulped down the last piece of melon and told Qin Yirou with a laugh.

“How could we hold ourselves back from caring as their parents!” Qin Yirou sighed and went to Ge Junjian.


Spring was nearing as the weather warmed up gradually. The temperature in the day was already reaching 30 degrees celsius but it cooled down significantly when night came.

Yun Jian felt the gust of cold air just as she stepped out of the mansion but she did not turn back. She only had two layers on her currently, the inner layer was a flimsy thermal wear, so she felt herself shrinking against the cold when the breeze blew.

“Are you silly? Why did you come out without a jacket?” Si Yi’s deep buzz of a voice came from behind her suddenly, pausing Yun Jian when the raspy tone left his lips.

In the next second, a jacket was draped over her.

Keeping a hand on Yun Jian, Si Yi wrapped her in the jacket gently before grabbing her small hand to continue on their way.

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