The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 70 - Qin Yirou’s Best Friend

Chapter 70 - Qin Yirou’s Best Friend


While everyone was still in the stupor from Yun Jian’s flip and her precise control, the resonating sound of a basketball crashing going through the hoop sounded.

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Yun Jian had easily done a reverse dunk.

The referee blew his whistle.

The first match was won by Xinjiang Town Junior High School’s basketball team!

The spectators were all fired up. – They had won, they had won the first round.

It had not even been ten minutes into the first game, but they had actually won. In addition, the one who ended the game so briefly was Yun Jian whom everyone had thought would burden the team.

It was Yun Jian from ninth grade’s Class (6)!

After the first round was won, the second game came into play.

Undoubtedly, would Xinjiang Town Junior High still lose when Wen Rui’s team had Yun Jian? – Yun Jian, who had unbelievably evaded two opposing defenders blocking her and made a shot.

Zhang Jun’s team had a wavering spirit once the second round started and Dongjiang Town Junior High School’s basketball team was swift to crumble.

Two consecutive victories!

Xinjiang Town Junior High School’s basketball team had defeated Dongjiang Town Junior High School’s basketball team in a flash!

This was unprecedented!

There was never a team to earn their victory in such a short time since the history of both schools’ annual friendly matches.

They were playing the best of three, so there was no need for the third game since Xinjiang Town Junior High School had won two consecutive games.

Amidst the school’s hurrah and applause, Zhang Jun and his team made a hasty exit.

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"Yun Jian, you’re absolutely... amazing! Haha, did you see Zhang Jun and his team when they fled? Tsk! It’s hilarious, ahaha..." Wu Kui and the other members walked toward Yun Jian. The former laughed casually with satisfaction once he recalled Zhang Jun’s arrogant face.

After spending so many days together, the basketball team had already treated Yun Jian as one of their own.

"We’ve won the competition and this alone is worth celebrating. It’s Friday too. Let’s meet at our usual place after school, yeah?" Wen Rui did not wear the feelings on his face like Wu Kui, but it was plain and simple that he was also immensely excited.

Their usual place was none other than the rock and roll bar.

"I won’t be going," Yun Jian said after a light chuckle.

"How could you not go? You’re our star today!" Li Xiangyi spoke first before Wen Rui could say anything.

"My mom’s taking me to Longmen City tomorrow. I can’t be out too late tonight," Yun Jian explained softly.

The team was taken aback for a beat before they nodded in agreement.

Qin Yirou was taking Yun Jian to Longmen City on Saturday morning.

That was the reality.

They could no longer stay at the current house. With Lu Lanhua’s character, the three of them would have to move sooner or later.

Qin Yirou did not want to return to her family. Her family’s attitude was apparent from Qin Junlan.

Coincidentally, Qin Yirou had a best friend in Longmen City and she was a government official too.

With nowhere to go to now, Qin Yirou thought of asking for her help.

In spite of it, they had not seen each other for years. Since Qin Yirou married Yun Gang, she had much fewer chances to meet her best friend. She did not know if she would still help her after so many years.

The best friend of Qin Yirou was her closest friend during high school. Both of them shared each other’s secrets.

Qin Yirou had been an outstanding student then, managing to get into Di Yi Senior High School like Yun Yi. It was just that her family condition after that did not allow her to continue schooling and she had to drop out halfway to marry Yun Gang.

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