The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 700 - An Emergency—An Attack

Chapter 700: An Emergency—An Attack

Having Si Yi tugged her hand as they walked forth, Yun Jian felt warmth flooding her heart. Although the young man called her silly, her heart felt like an overflowing glass of warm milk. It was a refreshing feeling.

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With Si Yi holding her hand, Yun Jian went to New Cruise first. The company was currently sailing smoothly with Zhang Zhifan managing it with full authority.

Not too long ago, Yun Jian had arranged for Zhang Zhifan who managed New Cruise for her to meet the ex-boss of Dragon Head Gang, Xu Zetian who was managing Falcon Hall for her. She had also made plans for New Cruise and Falcon Hall to step up simultaneously.

One was New Cruise that had built its nationwide reputation while another was Longmen City’s largest gang that had taken over Flying Passage’s place as the second best gang in Zhe Province.

As they joined forces, forget other regions just within Longmen City itself, New Cruise and Falcon Hall were indomitable. Back when the news of their alliance broke, it took over Longmen City by storm.

After all, both the organizations were now the best in their respective industries in Longmen City. Now that they were working today, what other entity in Longmen City could fight them?

What the outsiders did not know, however, was the fresh breath of air in the auto dealership world, New Cruise. As well as Zhe Province’s second top gang, led by a woman named Slaying Luo, Falcon Hall. Shared a similarity—they were only one of Yun Jian’s forces.

If this piece of information circulated, the entire Longmen City would probably turn speechless.

“Sister Jian, Xu Zetian’s asked me to tell you that the top gang of Zhe Province is gathering all the mafia groups within the area and inviting various international business tycoons and politicians for a gathering in another two weeks. It’ll be a grand event, so he’s asked that you make time to attend representing Falcon Hall,” Zhang Zhifan told Yun Jian on behalf of Xu Zetian.

Currently managing New Cruise, Zhang Zhifan had yet to come across too big of a challenge.

As Xu Zetian was severely wounded before Lunar New Year, he would not be able to make it for the mafia gathering of Zhe Province this time.

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This event was different from usual mafia gatherings. The top gang of Zhe Province, Panthers Pack, had invited numerous global businessmen and politicians, including famed authorities, to attend this social function.

Given the scenario, any intelligent person would not miss the opportunity to network and build more connections.

“Okay,” Yun Jian agreed with a slight arch of the brow.

Due to Xu Zetian’s injury, a lot of things in Falcon Hall were passed to Duan Lei, but the latter was still unable to represent the gang in certain situations as he had never been in a leadership position.

Zhang Zhifan was relieved that Yun Jian had agreed.

After spending some time at New Cruise, Si Yi and Yun Jian went home. New Cruise was not far from the mansion, so it did not take a lot of time going to and from there. It felt more like a walk.

As they arrived home, a female voice came from behind them before they could step through the door. “Yun Jian!”

Turning around, Yun Jian saw Lan Su who was in a black plain outfit. The tall girl was a focal point no matter where she went. At this point in time, she was holding a bloodied man with her arms and shoulders.

Yun Jian swiftly realized that the man was Ya Dang when she took a proper look and was surprised.

“What happened to him?” Si Yi took a step forward to ask Lan Su, reacting faster than Yun Jian.

After all, Ya Dang was Si Yi’s man. If something happened to him, Si Yi was naturally concerned.

“Someone attacked us just now. I...” It was all Lan Su could say before she was sapped of all strength. Falling forward with a plop, she was about to hit the ground when Yun Jian caught her as fast as she could, preventing her from collapsing. As for Si Yi, he did not let Ya Dang who had been unconscious fall to the ground either, having propped him up seconds earlier.

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