The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 701 - I Operated On You. Already Incapacitated

Chapter 701: I Operated On You. Already Incapacitated

“Let’s head inside,” Si Yi said in incredible calmness with a gleam in his deep eyes even though he had no idea what happened.

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“Mn.” Yun Jian nodded as she helped Lan Su into the house.

“Xiao Jian, you guys are back...” Qin Yirou knew that it was Yun Jian and Si Yi when she heard the door opening, so she turned to greet them—only for her to see Yun Jian helping an unconscious Lan Su enter before she could finish her words.

Then, right after Yun Jian and Lan Su came Si Yi who was helping in Ya Dang who was covered in blood.

Ya Dang and Mo Sen stayed in the mansion as well and were always following Si Yi around, thus Qin Yirou could recognize the young man immediately. So alarmed that she dropped the bowl in her hand, she ran over in a panic and cried, “Wh-what’s going on? Why are the two of them... what happened to them?”

Mo Sen, who heard the commotion came to the stairs from his room. His eyes twitched when he saw Ya Dang who was soaked in blood and jumped off the second floor’s railing without a word. The height of one floor was nothing to Mo Sen.

Qin Yirou had already helped Yun Jian bring Lan Su into the house while Mo Sen went straight for Ya Dang. The few of them moved Lan Su and Ya Dang to lie down on the couch on the first floor and Qin Yirou was already a panicking mess.

“What happened to both of these kids? What did they run into! I... I’ll go to the small shop nearby to call the ambulance!” As Qin Yirou spoke, she was ready to run upstairs for her purse to head out to said shop and make the call.

“Mom, don’t go,” Yun Jian spoke coolly.

Yun Jian’s icy voice caused Ge Junjian who originally planned to stop Qin Yirou and retrieve the mobile phone in his pocket to pause his action as well.

“Xiao Jian? B-but they... they’ve already passed out! And he... he’s bleeding all over! Let’s get them to the hospital right now! Any later and...” Qin Yirou’s hands were shaking in fright.

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Back when her hands were injured by the textile manufacturing machine, Qin Yirou had already felt nothing. She had thought that her hands were unsalvageable but the hospital did surprisingly save her!

Hence, she believed that sending one to the hospital as soon as possible when there was an accident was the right way to go!

Her ideals were theoretically correct, but she was in Xinjiang Town’s health center back then where it lacked the standard and equipment to salvage her hands. Furthermore, if it were not for Yun Jian operating on her in the end, Qin Yirou would probably already have her hands amputated.

“We can’t go to the hospital.” Si Yi repeated what Yun Jian said.

“Huh? A... A-Yi, why are you like Xiao Jian? If we don’t send them to the hospital and something actually happens, then...”

Qin Yirou was visibly shaken but she obviously cared for Lan Su and Ya Dang to say what she did.

“I can treat them.” Whilst she was at a panicked loss, Yun Jian’s voice sounded.

Both Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian were stunned.

“Huh? Xiao Jian? How could you...” Qin Yirou’s instinct was disbelief.

She was surprised when she first heard it but this was her child whom she had brought up herself—there was no way she did not know how capable her daughter was.

“Mom, when your hands were injured by the sewing machine, I was the one who operated on you. Otherwise, your hands would’ve been incapacitated given the medical facilities in Xinjiang Town’s health center.”

Yun Jian had to come clean at this critical juncture.

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