The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 702 - Be Quick. Yirou’s Suspicion

Chapter 702: Be Quick. Yirou’s Suspicion

Yun Jian sounded a bit harsh when she told Qin Yirou the truth, but it was the reality and there was currently an emergency. She did not have time to explain in detail to her mother.

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“Mo Sen, go fetch the medical kit in my room. It’s in the first drawer to the left under the cabinet right when you enter,” Yun Jian turned to tell Mo Sen without waiting for Qin Yirou’s response.

“Okay.” Mo Sen had sprinted upstairs almost at the same time Yun Jian said that she could treat Ya Dang and had medical supplies at home. The way he reacted was like something would happen to Ya Dang if he were even a second slower.

“Xiao Jian...” Qin Yirou was flabbergasted. At the same time, she could not help staring at Yun Jian and calling out softly.

“It’s alright, let’s believe in her!” Ge Junjian pulled Qin Yirou into his arms and comforted her gently.

Lan Su had no external injuries nor was it visible that she was hurt anywhere. In comparison, Ya Dang’s state looked much more serious.

There was a gunshot on Ya Dang’s left knee as well as several stabs on his shoulders. Both light and severe wounds that littered across his body made a ghastly sight.

“We have to prepare for a surgery at once but I don’t have sufficient equipment.” Yun Jian frowned.

The reason Lan Su and Ya Dang could not be sent to the hospital was simple.

Lan Su was from Yulong Mainland. According to the woman, people from Yulong Mainland had a different constitution from those on earth—so she must never be admitted into the hospital.

As for Ya Dang who was shot, it would only invite more questions and trouble if he was sent there.

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Country Z prohibited the use of firearms. Once a violation was discovered, the consequences were grave. It was why Yun Jian and Si Yi unanimously thought that it was unwise to send Ya Dang to the hospital.

“Got it.” Mo Sen hopped off the second floor easily with a white medical kit in his hands.

Qin Yirou startled, not expecting her daughter to have kept a medical kit, and suddenly thought that her daughter felt different from the past. As they had spent time together, the current Xiao Jian kept surprising her and it had made Qin Yirou suspicious more than once.

Regardless, she would not go so far as to think that her daughter was not actually her daughter, so she had never raised her doubt to Yun Jian.

Taking the kit from Mo Sen, Yun Jian retrieved the content the fastest she could while telling Mo Sen, “Go to Falcon Hall’s headquarters and get its private doctor, a man named Su Zifan, here. Ask him to bring along his surgery tools. Be quick!”

Yun Jian had been the one to operate on Xu Zetian when he was wounded badly and the surgery went smoothly as she was assisted by Su Zifan.

The latter had only been half a private doctor to Falcon Hall, but Yun Jian had later hired him directly to be the gang’s attached doctor.

Yun Jian had only spoken halfway through her words but Mo Sen was already on his way out. With Ya Dang’s life at stake, he would do whatever he could, just like Ya Dang had done for him back then.

“Aunty, let’s head out first,” Si Yi was not medically skilled but he knew that having too many people around would not help the surgery, so he went over to Qin Yirou and told her.

In spite of it, Qin Yirou could barely pay attention to Si Yi. Looking at Yun Jian, she gasped, “Xiao Jian, you know people from Falcon Hall too?”

Falcon Hall was the biggest mob in Longmen City! The fact that her Xiao Jian was the director of New Cruise was already mind-boggling to Qin Yirou but she also knew gangsters?

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