The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 703 - Assist Me. Lan Su Wakes Up

Chapter 703: Assist Me. Lan Su Wakes Up

“Yes,” Yun Jian nodded as she met Qin Yirou’s inquisitive gaze, answering without hesitation.

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After a pause, she pressed her lips together and said softly, “I do have acquaintances with Falcon Hall. Mom, you understand too, New Cruise is only a business legally. You’ve probably heard that Falcon Hall is joining forces with New Cruise.”

Qin Yirou was eased with Yun Jian’s explanation. After all, there had been rumors about New Cruise working together with Falcon Hall recently.

The truth, however, was that Yun Jian had yet to disclose the fact that she was the boss of Falcon Hall. If her identity as Falcon Hall’s boss was revealed to Qin Yirou, the latter would only worry about her even more.

After all, it did not pose too much of an issue when she was just a company director. If Qin Yirou was informed about her being the boss of Falcon Hall, however, that would be huge. By then, the truth that she was not the real Yun Jian would probably be exposed as well.

Yun Jian had not stopped preparing for the emergency operation theater.

“Yirou, let’s head out first. The air needs to be well ventilated during the surgery. Yun Jian will do fine, don’t you worry about it. The military has professional medical staff teaching them these. Don’t fret, it’ll be alright!” Ge Junjian tugged Qin Yirou out.

The man had already known Yun Jian’s identity as Slaying God, so he stepped up to mediate the situation and helped her make up a white lie.

“Mn.” Qin Yirou was doubtful but she believed it once she heard what Ge Junjian said and followed him out.

Not even ten minutes after they left, Mo Sen rushed in grabbing a middle-aged man with him.

“Young madam, is this the one?” Mo Sen suddenly chucked the man who was hugging a bunch of medical kits to himself in front of Yun Jian.

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“Fal-Falcon Hall’s bo...” Su Zifan recognized Yun Jian the moment he saw her. Just as he was about to address her, he was silenced by her hand gesture.

Yun Jian put her right index finger to her lips to shush him. Then, she announced, “All of you can head out first. Su Zifan and I will stay here for the operation.”

Si Yi kept his hand in his pants pocket. It was useless for him to stay as he was not equipped with medical knowledge, so he went upstairs while telling Yun Jian softly, “I’ll keep an eye on Xiao Zhu and the girls.”

Little Yun Zhu, Duan Li, and Duan Ya were still upstairs. As Si Yi headed up, Mo Sen told Yun Jian, “I’ll be outside.”

He left with that.

When Su Zifan saw the man who barged into his house and took him as well as his surgical tools here to leave the living room, he retracted his gaze and looked at Yun Jian cautiously. “You...”

She cut him off curtly. “Assist me. You have 15 seconds to get ready!”

Su Zifan gulped and stepped forward looking at the man who was drenched in blood and laid on the couch.


The three people stayed standing by the door for a bit over an hour, but they dared not enter nor ask for updates because Yun Jian was inside operating on Ya Dang.

It was until Su Zifan opened the door that Mo Sen darted right into the house and breathed a huge sigh of relief when he saw that the bleeding was stopped and Ya Dang who was still laid on the couch regained some colors.

Yun Jian had already moved Lan Su to her room as the latter had passed out from sheer exhaustion. While Yun Jian placed Lan Su on her bed and pulled the blanket up for her, Lan Su’s eyes opened slowly as she grabbed Yun Jian’s hand. “Yun Jian...”

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