The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 704 - Murong Clan. Ya Dang To The Rescue

Chapter 704: Murong Clan. Ya Dang To The Rescue

Yun Jian was not surprised when she saw Lan Su waking up. She passed a mug of tea that she had prepared at the side of the bed to the latter and said, “Don’t panic. Have a drink. Ya Dang’s fine.”

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Lan Su and Ya Dang came back together. Without a doubt, something must have happened while both of them were together. Yun Jian had her own guess as to what happened, but she first helped Lan Su up slowly so she could rest against the headboard and drink some tea.

“Is he really okay?” Lan Su gulped down the tea obediently after listening to Yun Jian and then asked straight to the point. The “he” she was referring to was none other than Ya Dang.

“I’ve just operated on him. He’ll probably regain consciousness in a while.” Yun Jian looked at Lan Su.

The latter had only gotten to know Ya Dang yesterday and both of them were at loggerheads from the start. How long had it been and Lan Su was already concerned about Ya Dang?

“Mn.” A slight pink came back to Lan Su’s pale lips as she nodded and explained to Yun Jian, “It’s Murong Clan from Yulong Mainland. They’re here too.”

With the clan mentioned, Lan Su’s pretty face gradually lost its color.

“Murong Clan?” Hearing the name for the first time, Yun Jian could not help frowning slightly.

“Mn.” Lan Su nodded at her and began to delve into details.

Murong Clan was a notable clan in Yulong Mainland. A few thousand years ago, however, when Wizard Lord Wu of Wu Clan was still around, Murong Clan was not even at Wu Clan’s level—not even a speck.

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Basically, Murong Clan was only a small family millennia ago, so weak in status that it could be overlooked.

Since Wizard Lord Wu’s fall, Murong Clan slowly rose and to this day, it was already one of the four biggest clans in Yulong Mainland, nearly surpassing the current top clan.

As for the Wu Clan that gradually weakened, it became Murong Clan’s target to pick on.

Indignant that he had tied with Lan Su in running yesterday, Ya Dang had gone to her again for a final match earlier today, only to encounter members of Murong Clan. It resulted in what happened today.

“It’s not probable that you can’t fight Murong Clan based on your skill, right?” Yun Jian could not help asking Lan Su.

There was a pause suddenly—it went on for a few seconds—before Lan Su answered faintly, “Our abilities are greatly restrained on earth, so we usually don’t apply what we do in Yulong Mainland here. Otherwise, there’s a hefty price to pay.”

Lan Su then added. “Those people from Murong Clan are no match against me.”

“Then...” Yun Jian turned to look at Lan Su with a smile.

Lan Su who was embarrassed from being stared at finally got to the main point. “So they came with firearms. I can’t use my skills outside Yulong Mainland easily and I only brought my flying darts. I didn’t expect him to take those bullets and blades himself just to save me.”

Even without the abilities she had cultivated in Yulong Mainland, Lan Su was by no means weak. She was the best at using flying darts, by the way. It was just that there were too many Murong members back then. Ya Dang was a maven himself but they were outnumbered.

Having no alternatives, Lan Su finally used her Yulong Mainland skills and killed the juniors of Murong Clan but it caused a backlash. When she ultimately brought Ya Dang here, she lost consciousness immediately.

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