The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 705 - Unable To Cultivate. Zhe Province’s Mafia Gathering

Chapter 705: Unable To Cultivate. Zhe Province’s Mafia Gathering

“What’s the consequence of using your power on earth?” Yun Jian took the empty mug from Lan Su and placed it on the bedside table before nudging her back onto the bed and asked.

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“I won’t be able to cultivate for a hundred years.” Watching Yun Jian drape the covers over her, Lan Su’s thin lips moved slightly with a tinge of solemnness on her distant face.

Yun Jian could not help the twitch on the corner of her lips when she heard it.

A hundred years was a person’s lifetime. Moreover, the majority of the people nowadays are not able to live up to a hundred years old. Elders who were 80 or 90 years old were considered to have lived long.

To have used Yulong Mainland’s power here on earth meant that one would not be able to progress no matter how they cultivated within a hundred years. It was a great price to pay!

That was also why the Murong juniors who Lan Su mentioned, including Yulong Mainland’s people who had come to earth, would never unleash their abilities here. After all, a century’s halt on their cultivation was crueler than taking a cultivator’s life!

“You...” Yun Jian hesitated before she asked with a pause.

Lan Su had already taken action during the critical juncture, so it meant that her cultivation base would stay as it was now for the next hundred years.

“I’ll be fine.” Lan Su smiled sweetly. With how aloof she usually looked, her current smile squeezed at Yun Jian’s heart.

“Have a good rest. I’ll go check downstairs,” Yun Jian said while she tucked the blanket under Lan Su and left the room.

Just as she exited her bedroom, however, she saw Si Yi standing by the staircase. His tall build was very eye-catching. His cropped black hair swayed as he pivoted toward Yun Jian slightly and made his way to her.

“What’s the situation?” Si Yi raised a brow and asked looking at Yun Jian.

Yun Jian relayed all that Lan Su had said to Si Yi who was standing close to the wall by the stairs. The reason they were standing there was to avoid being seen by those downstairs.

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After listening to her, Si Yi wore a small frown and an arched brow, telling Yun Jian, “You need to be careful from now on.”

“You mean...?” Quick to catch on to Si Yi’s consideration, Yun Jian looked up slightly to confirm.

“Mn.” The young man nodded.

Without allowing her to think further, he held her hand and went downstairs.

What Si Yi meant was simple. Since Murong Clan had come to earth from Yulong Mainland, and the juniors were killed by Lan Su, the clan would not possibly let the issue go without retaliating.

With the help from Ge Junjian, Qin Yirou was not exactly suspicious.

For the following days, Yun Jian did not go to the military training camp while Chu Ning and the rest of Team Monarch had departed to the military school in Min City.

Ya Dang had originally stayed in the mansion while Lan Su was also staying here now for the time being. Kindhearted as Qin Yirou was, she took care and made sure to prepare nourishing meals for them.

Days passed by in a flash.

Yun Jian went back and forth to her house, the school, New Cruise, and Falcon Hall, while Qin Yirou and Ge Junjian’s wedding invitations were all distributed.

Two weeks later, Ya Dang who had long regained consciousness had recovered considerably as well. Mo Sen and Lan Su fought to take care of him, making the former feel a whole lot better.

During this week, Yun Jian received updates about Duan Li’s father. Duan Shi’s penalty for child abuse was a two year jail sentence. The sentence was harsher because Duan Shi had not changed his ways despite several police detentions for his earlier child abuse reports.

At the same time Yun Jian received the news of the penalty, the gathering that Zhe Province’s top mafia group, Panthers Pack, had organized to assemble various Zhe Province mobs, international business tycoons, politicians, and successful personages, had thus begun.

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