The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 706 - The Eve Of The Gathering. To Hang City

Chapter 706: The Eve Of The Gathering. To Hang City

Early on a Saturday morning, Yun Jian went home with Yun Yi after working out with him and Zhang Shaofeng.

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Si Yi had gone back to An Hun Group, escorted only by Mo Sen. Due to Ya Dang’s severe injuries, he was currently taken care of at home by Lan Su. Perhaps it was because Ya Dang had risked his life to save her, Lan Su’s attitude toward Ya Dang took a big turn for the better.

Due to the ambush Yun Jian encountered, as well as what Ya Dang and Lan Su ran into, Si Yi had gone back to An Hun Group with the plan to get to the bottom of it as he felt like they could be related.

Yun Jian had a warm bath after she got home. She had a change of clean clothes and left the house with a small suitcase.

Qin Yirou was no longer a cleaner in New Cruise. The company was Yun Jian’s. If she was still working in her daughter’s company as a janitor, she felt bad for Yun Jian’s sake thinking about it. After all, her Xiao Jian’s status was different now. As a mother, she must not embarrass her daughter. Ge Junjian preferred her not going to work as well, so Qin Yirou stayed home as a housewife.

“Xiao Jian, go slow. Be careful when you’re out. Don’t get cheated! Don’t listen to people you don’t know!” Qin Yirou reminded in a raised voice as Yun Jian pulled her suitcase out of the house.

“Got it, mom. I’ll be back tomorrow, don’t worry.” Yun Jian turned around, her petite frame looking more mesmerizing. She flashed a grin at Qin Yirou and went on her way with a wide stride.

She had lied to her mother again, claiming that New Cruise required her to travel for a business deal, so she would not be able to make it back tonight when the reality was that she was going to attend Zhe Province’s gang gathering.

Nonetheless, Panthers Pack, the top mafia group in the province, did actually invite a representative from New Cruise.

Xu Zetian was unable to attend due to his serious injury, so Yun Jian could only go on behalf of Falcon Hall. Zhang Zhifan would be going along with her but the man was representing New Cruise.

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The last time Yun Jian had attended the nationwide mafia tea party, Qing You was with her. The girl was still in her hometown now as she was spending more time with her family after reconciling with them.

Arriving at New Cruise’s storefront, Yun Jian could see Zhang Zhifan waving at her from a distance away.

“Sister Jian!” Zhang Zhifan greeted reverently when he saw said the girl.

“Mn.” Yun Jian nodded and asked, “All ready?”

“Yes, Sister Jian. We can depart anytime,” Zhang Zhifan told Yun Jian pointing at a small RV behind him. All he needed was Yun Jian’s command.

“Let’s go,” Yun Jian announced as she wheeled her suitcase forward.

There were only two people going on this trip with Yun Jian—Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei. Xu Zetian was unable to make it because of his serious injury.

The best mob in Zhe Province, Panthers Pack, was located in the capital of the province, Hang City. It was not far from Longmen City, a maximum two hoursdrive. Departing today, Yun Jian would only stay a night in Hang City and return the next day. The reason she brought along a suitcase was because she had brought firearms.

By the time Yun Jian and Zhang Zhifan were settled in the RV, Duan Lei who was seated in front turned back to look at them. “Sister Jian, we’ll depart now?”

“Mn.” Yun Jian nodded easily.

Driven by Duan Lei, the RV started out slowly as it cruised toward Hang City.

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