The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 707 - A Sick Young Mother

Chapter 707: A Sick Young Mother

Duan Lei’s driving was assuring. When he slowly but surely steered the RV to Hang City, it was already past 9am.

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“Sister Jian, let’s drop our luggage in the Novel Park Hotel first.” Duan Lei kept his eyes on the road when he drove but he was speaking to Yun Jian who was behind him.

“Mn.” Yun Jian nodded with a hum, her eyes trained outside the window.

Novel Park Hotel was a five-star hotel arranged by Panthers Pack as accommodation for all Zhe Province’s mobs, international business tycoons, and politicians, as well as globally famous personages who had come to attend the gathering.

The event was scheduled for 8pm. It would have been late by the time it ended, so Panthers Pack had prepared a room for everyone who had made it all the way here for the gathering. The guests could check in as long as they told the front desk their names. This was also the courtesy Panthers Pack’s boss was offering his guests.

“Sister Jian, I’ll help you with the luggage.” Yun Jian was no longer able to wheel her suitcase when she came to the staircase of Novel Park Hotel. She had to lift it, so Duan Lei jogged over to her with the intention to help her with the labor.

Yun Jian had already pushed the handle of the suitcase back into it swiftly, lifting the baggage one step ahead of Duan Lei.

“It’s okay, I can do it myself,” said Yun Jian.

As she spoke, she moved up the hotel stairs with ease holding her suitcase.

Duan Lei followed her closely without pushing his request seeing that.

Just as they got to the entrance, a mother and son pair came face to face with them.

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The mother who was walking in front was dressed ostentatiously. The woman in her twenties was currently tugging her son as she sashayed toward the door from the inside. Behind the young mother and son, a large group of bodyguards in black escorted them.

This group of people was now exiting while Yun Jian was entering the hotel.

Yun Jian paid them no mind. After she ascended the flight of hotel stairs, she dropped her suitcase and pulled out the handle again to wheel it forward, while Duan Lei and Zhang Zhifan followed behind her.

There was only a door in Novel Park Hotel that was opened, the other doors had closed with exception for the day.

Yun Jian was about to step through it to go into the hotel while Duan Lei and Zhang Zhifan remained walking behind her. Just as she was about to go through the hotel door, the young mother opposite of her noticed it and wore a light frown.

She glanced at Yun Jian in contempt as if peeved that the latter was stepping through the door ahead of her and thus blocking her exit, so she hastened her steps when Yun Jian was about to go in.

Yun Jian realized the young mother’s action, narrowing her brows slightly before she turned a blind eye like she did not see the young mother pulling her son and walking toward her in large strides.

For one, the young mother was definitely competitive.

Just as Yun Jian was about to step through the hotel entrance, the young mother—coming onto Yun Jian and tugging her son—pulled her right shoulder back in an attempt to shove it against Yun Jian casually.

The discovery struck Yun Jian with a glint in her eyes. A step faster than the young mother, she pushed her suitcase’s handle back and lifted it up swiftly to sidestep.

The bodyguards behind the young mother were stunned. How was this young girl so agile?

At the same time, the young mother and her child crashed toward the floor.

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