The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 708 - Your Honor. An Influential Background

Chapter 708: Your Honor. An Influential Background

The young mother, despite still holding her son, was trying to teach Yun Jian a lesson by suddenly bumping into her.

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The girl had seen her just now! How dare she walk through the door before her still! She had got the guts! Did the girl know who she was!

What the young mother did not expect was Yun Jian’s fast reflex that allowed her to avoid the collision when she tried to shove her in the shoulder.

In spite of it, the young mother was no longer able to pull herself back. She was still standing in Novel Park Hotel where the floor was paved with smooth shiny tiles, which was incredibly sheeny with a slip since the cleaner had just mopped it earlier.

Losing her footing accidentally, the young mother fell to her front pulling her son along with her.

“Madam! Little master! Be careful!” A few bodyguards rushed forward with a shout but they ultimately managed to only save the young mother’s son, while the young mother fell with a crash from Yun Jian’s side.

The young woman felt like her nose was being flattened by the heavy crash on the floor and her head felt a dull thud. In the next second, a violent pain shot up and spread within her.

“Ah! Ah!” It was only after the young mother fell that the bodyguards behind her reacted and helped her up but she was already jerking in resentment.

She blamed it all on Yun Jian.

Helped up by the bodyguards, the young mother felt like her bones were shattered as the pain was excruciating. The more in pain she was, however, the more she thought it was Yun Jian’s fault.

“It’s all your fault! Why did you avoid it? I wouldn’t have fallen down if you didn’t avoid me. Are you crazy!” The young mother lashed out at Yun Jian with a finger pointed at her while she was being supported by her bodyguards.

Yun Jian’s eyes twitched. She was not expecting the young mother to push the blame on her.

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“Sister Jian...”

It was obvious that this young mother was exceptionally unreasonable. Duan Lei and Zhang Zhifan who were behind Yun Jian and saw the entire incident wanted to step up and argue for her but the girl raised a hand to gesture for their silence.

Having complete submission to Yun Jian, Duan Lei and Zhang Zhifan could only clam their mouths since Sister Jian had refused for them to get involved.

The disparity of being poor and wealthy, as well as societal status, were distinct during this era.

Certain affluent people could paint the white as black no matter how unreasonable they were. Some of them were even finding joy in showing off and bragging to people who looked lower in ranks than them.

These people basically had nothing better to do, and the young mother here was apparently someone like that.

“You were running into me first. If I didn’t avoid you, should I have stood there and let you knock me down?” Yun Jian side-eyed the young mother, her icy voice tinged with a chilling murderous tone.

The young mother could not help shuddering but once she remembered her current status, she shouted back at Yun Jian with a tip of her chin, “It’s your honor if I knock you down!”

Most of the people there were repulsed by what she said.

Yun Jian creased her brows slightly. Compared to this young mother here, all the people she had met before seemed to make so much more sense.

“Hah.” Yun Jian let out a single-syllabled sneer.

She planned to turn and leave with that scoff, not intending to keep herself entangled with the young woman.

“Hold it! Stay there! Do you know who I am? My husband’s the president of Longwen Group! The Panthers Pack’s boss is my brother-in-law! How dare you act so insolently before me!”

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