The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 709 - It Was Critical. A Young Girl

Chapter 709: It Was Critical. A Young Girl

Yun Jian was planning to enter the hotel directly with Duan Lei and Zhang Zhifan, ignoring the young mother’s farce, when said woman’s shout came behind her.

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Yun Jian’s lips were tugged up into a small smile. Longwen Group?

Longwen Group was one of the very best companies in Zhe Province and was very reputable across the province. Unlike New Cruise which has just been established, despite the company already gaining fame in the country, Longwen Group was established in the late period of the dynasty era. After generations of research and promotion, the corporation was now the face of Zhe Province.

It had long been rumored that Longwen Group and Zhe Province’s best mafia group, Panthers Pack, shared a close comradery but it was unexpected that such was the nature of their relationship.

The wife of Longwen Group’s president and the wife of Panthers Pack’s boss were birth sisters?

It was now understandable why Longwen Group and Panthers Pack were considered indomitable in Zhe Province. Someone had even claimed that it would be harder to believe that either Longwen Group or Panthers Pack was uprooted than it was to believe that the sky was falling.

The young mother thought that Yun Jian was intimidated when she paused. Coming over with a sneer, she threatened Yun Jian, “Are you scared now? Apologize! I’ll teach you a lesson to remember even if you’re just a young girl otherwise!”

The young woman rubbed her arms and spoke coldly. Her name was Cai Wenhui, wife to Longwen Group’s president. What was more daunting about her was that her brother-in-law was the boss of Panthers Pack, the greatest mob in Zhe Province!

Cai Wenhui was excessively proud of her status no matter who she met and frequently picked fights.

“That’s right. You’ll have to see if we approve if you want to leave after offending our president’s wife!” One of the burly bodyguards stepped forward and turned to holler at Yun Jian, probably to show off his groveling to Cai Wenhui. When the other bodyguards saw how overbearing he was acting, they stepped up as well.

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It was as if Yun Jian had really provoked Cai Wenhui first.

“Oh?” Yun Jian’s deep eyes narrowed, her icy gaze raking over them.

Just as she was about to speak, a clear female voice sounded, “Jiejie, she’s my friend. Don’t make it difficult for her!”

Following the voice, a sweet-looking girl clad in a pink maxi dress ran over.

She ran to Yun Jian happily and hooked her arm over the latter’s shoulder as she told Cai Wenhui.

Yun Jian’s eyes twitched but the pink dressed girl who had appeared out of the blue had slung her arm on her shoulder in the next second. Yun Jian was able to react in time but her body was not resisting the girl’s approach.

Repulsion painted over Cai Wenhui’s expression once she saw the girl. Keeping her eyes on the girl, she pointed at her viciously and shouted in a growling tone of insult, disregarding her image, “Scram! I’m not your sister. You b*stard of a girl, you aren’t worthy of calling me jiejie! B*tch! Don’t let me see you!”

Cai Wenhui cursed while she made her leave. After seeing the girl, she had practically grabbed her son and fled with the bodyguards, forgetting about finding fault with Yun Jian.

It raised Yun Jian’s suspicion.

The girl in the pink long dress then extended her hand to Yun Jian. “Hello! I’m Dai Qingqing. I apologize, I’ve called you my friend due to the critical situation just now.”

As she spoke, Dai Qingqing stuck her tongue out at Yun Jian.

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