The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 711 - So Young. It’s The Baseborn Daughter

Chapter 711: So Young. It’s The Baseborn Daughter

Although Dai Qingqing was not a favorite in the Cai Family, her grandfather was the patriarch of the family and she was his favorite.

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As for Cai Family’s company, it was a famous presence in Country Z. Hence, Cai Wenhui and Cai Wenling could not do anything about Old Master Cai doting on Dai Qingqing.

Usually, Cai Wenhui would only run her mouth at Dai Qingqing, not daring to inflict any physical harm on the latter. The reason being she was scared of Dai Qingqing ratting her out to Old Master Cai. By then, Cai Wenhui was done for.

As for Dai Qingqing, she could be lacking everything in the world but not money, because Old Master Cai pampered her.

It was why Dai Qingqing suggested having fun at the ice rink after she insisted on paying for Yun Jian and the men’s meal.

“Mn.” Yun Jian agreed to her invitation since she had nowhere to go for the afternoon anyway. She would be doing nothing if she stayed in her hotel room for the afternoon as she did not have plans, so she went along with Dai Qingqing’s invitation.

“Let’s go now!” Dai Qingqing suggested seeing that Yun Jian and the men were done with their lunch.

“Sister Jian, we won’t be joining,” Zhang Zhifan stood up and told Yun Jian with a smile.

Duan Lei shared Zhang Zhifan’s sentiment. Perhaps the younger ones liked spending time in busier venues, but for people who had gone through almost half their lives like Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei, their interest in an ice-skating rink was most likely lesser than the appeal of a group of people gathered for a game of poker.

“Sure.” Yun Jian nodded.

Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei turned and left only after receiving Yun Jian’s approval.

Seeing that the men had left, it was only then Dai Qingqing turned to Yun Jian and asked the doubt that had been sitting in her mind, “Yun Jian, aren’t they older than you? Why are they calling you Sister Jian?”

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Dai Qingqing was the kind of girl with an innocent charm. She was usually a lively one and was quick-witted during necessary times. It was apparent when she had scared off Cai Wenhui for Yun Jian when they had first met.

“It’s because...” Yun Jian played up the suspense.

She let it hang for a minute before smirking and answered, “It’s because I’m their boss.”

There was a joking hint to her tone.

Dai Qingqing paused in stupor before she caught up and giggled, replying to Yun Jian, “You’re so young. How’s it possible that you’re their boss!”

As she said that, she pulled Yun Jian’s arm to lead them to Hang City’s biggest ice rink.

The largest ice-skating rink in Hang City was spacious, almost equal in size to a massive field.

Dai Qingqing and Yun Jian bought ice-skating shoes from a vendor by the rink’s entrance; Dai Qingqing had bought a pink pair with a little bunny pattern on it, while Yun Jian bought a sky blue pair that looked like crystal shoes since it seemed to glow under the shine of light.

“Try them on, see if they fit!” Purchasing the tickets and entering the ice rink, Dai Qingqing hauled the ice skates and tugged Yun Jian to sit on a bench eagerly to wear them.

Yun Jian smiled and bent down to change her shoes sitting on the bench.

Dai Qingqing was genuinely excited because she found herself a friend. She looked like the happy-go-lucky type but she was actually very lonely. Due to the fact that she was Cai Family’s illegitimate daughter, she had never received any respect or friendship at home or in school.

“Oh ho ho! Look, who’s this if it isn’t our school’s third young lady of the Cai Family? Ah, right, I remember, it’s the illegitimate third young lady!” Just as Dai Qingqing wore her ice skating shoes happily, a derisive voice sounded.

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