The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 713 - Let’s Skate Together—A Pick-Up Attempt

Chapter 713: Let’s Skate Together—A Pick-Up Attempt

Yun Jian was by no means short but she was not incredibly taller either, standing at about 1.6m in height. That, in addition to her flawless and delicate face, made her look petite and endearing.

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Her figure and face would not have looked right if she was either too tall or too short, so Yun Jian’s current size was just right.

It was because of her proportions and face that formed such an impeccable match that she mesmerized onlookers at first sight.

Furthermore, Yun Jian had never caked her face up with makeup, so her dewy cheeks were perfectly radiant.

Her head had been lowered when she was changing her shoes just now, so the guy had only seen her figure. Now that she stood up, the additional 4-5cm from the ice skates elevated her petite frame.

While the guy was stunned, Yun Jian side-eyed him for having insulted Dai Qingqing just now. Her icy glare racked goosebumps on anyone who caught sight of it yet Yun Jian’s face was a sight to behold.

The guy was involuntarily attracted.

“Hey, Ye Kai, you...” The other guys who stood around him called him when they noticed him being stunned as they looked at Yun Jian casually. When they saw her face, they fell into a stupor.

Yun Jian looked even better now than she did in the past. Her soft and lustrous skin looked like a newborn’s and her beauty was unmistakable.

“Cough, cough, cough...” The guy who had been the first to speak, Ye Kai, tried to disguise the embarrassment by coughing with a fist at his mouth—but his eyes remained glued to Yun Jian.

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“Yun Jian, let’s go. Don’t mind them!”

Dai Qingqing was pretty but she was not as gorgeous a sight as Yun Jian was, so the guys did not feel like they were bullying a girl when they bullied her.

She had obviously noticed how all the boys were staring at Yun Jian now. These guys were influential in their school. Dai Qignqing did not want Yun Jian getting in trouble because of her, so she tugged Yun Jian toward the ice rink right after she wore the ice skates.

“Heh heh, why are you in such a hurry? Dai Qingqing, we’re classmates and we’re in the same club. Why don’t... we skate together!” Ye Kai went to block Dai Qingqing and Yun Jian’s way; his eyes stayed on Yun Jian but his attitude toward Dai Qingqing took a turn for the better.

Ye Kai and Dai Qingqing were classmates. The ice skating club was the most popular club in their school, because it was both a form of exercise and an exhilarating sport. Ye Kai and his pals, like Dai Qingqing, were members of the skating club too.

It was just that Dai Qingqing was proficient in ice skating—and the fact that she was not the type that the guys here were interested in—caused Ye Kai to lead the other guys to pick on her.

These guys were stunned the moment they saw Yun Jian, however they were only nicer towards Dai Qingqing now because of Yun Jian’s looks.

Ye Kai’s heart itched. He wanted to get to know Yun Jian right then and there as he had never seen someone so delicate and pretty.

“You guys are here too! What a coincidence!” Another female voice chirped from the side as a tall girl who was rather attractive came over.

There were two girls behind her who were most likely her followers while the exclamation was directed to Ye Kai and his friends.

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