The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 715 - Not Just That, I Can Kill You

Chapter 715: Not Just That, I Can Kill You

Dai Qingqing felt her eyes twitch.

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What? Ye Kai was actually apologizing to her?

Truth to be told, Ye Kai was the one who sought fault with her the most in school. Dai Qingqing would rather believe that the sky was falling than believe that Ye Kai would apologize to her.

Now? Was Ye Kai really apologizing to her?

Dai Qingqing was grinning inwardly but she kept her act to continue ignoring Ye Kai and others and told Yun Jian, “Yun Jian, let’s ignore them. I’ll teach you how to skate! I’m sure I will make a better teacher than all of them!”

Yun Jian gave a light hum to that. She did not even want to get involved with Ye Kai and his group.

“Qingqing, you shouldn’t reject Senior Ye when he’s invited you. It’s rare that we get to gather. Let’s skate together!” Gao Meihan wished for nothing but to tear Yun Jian apart but she had to keep up her usual angelic façade.

It seemed that she wanted to look even kinder in front of the guys as she jogged over with the intention to look like a guileless girl and hold Yun Jian’s hand, saying, “Let’s skate together! I still don’t know your name. You look so pretty, let’s be friends!”

In fact, however, Gao Meihan detested Yun Jian.

She liked Ye Kai but he did not like her. It was not something Gao Meihan could help with, but to see him staring at an unknown girl in a trance today, she would be out of her mind if she was not angry and wanted to be Yun Jian’s friend instead.

Nevertheless, she was used to acting like this in front of the boys.

“The popular girl is just different, look how generous Gao Meihan is!”

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“Yeah! She’s so pretty and nice!” A few guys standing beside Ye Kai began to comment.

As for Gao Meihan, she was already on her way to Yun Jian, wanting to hook arms with the latter like what Dai Qingqing did just now.

Listening to the compliments showered, Gao Meihan felt a little more appeased. She could not help thinking that Ye Kai must have felt something for her when the guys thought that she was so kind. After all, she was beautiful and had a shapely figure. Which man in this world could resist her temptation?

Just as Gao Meihan was about to hold onto Yun Jian’s arm, however, Yun Jian glided the ice skates on her feet to the side slightly and thus avoided the former’s hand.

“Sorry, I don’t like strangers touching me with their dirty hands.” Yun Jian faced Gao Meihan with her side profile while her aloof tone dropped the surrounding temperature by several degrees.

The words “strangers” and “dirty hands” made Gao Meihan’s caked up face twitch violently before she froze. A resentful and vicious gleam flashed in her eyes but she kept up her naïve and innocent mien.

“I genuinely want to be friends, I...” As Gao Meihan spoke, she dipped her head and her hands flew up to cover her eyes, looking like she was immensely wronged.

The corner of Yun Jian’s lips tugged minimally into a scowl.

When they saw the popular girl in school who they admired being bullied, Ye Kai’s friends stepped up to speak for Gao Meihan in assuming justice.

“Hey, how can you be like that? Gao Meihan wants to sincerely be your friend. How could you do that to her?” One of Ye Kai’s pals was quick to snap at Yun Jian.

Gao Meihan looked like she was on the verge of tears in front of the boys but she was constantly paying attention to what was happening. Acting pitiful was her best trick.

Just as she thought that Yun Jian was going to apologize to her in front of everyone—from embarrassment like the other girls who are criticized by guys, Yun Jian’s icy voice spoke again.

Yun Jian had her head turned to look at everyone before her gaze landed on the guy who scolded her and sneered, “Not just that, I can kill you too. Do you believe me?”

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