The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 717 - Being Swindled By Yun Jian. Time For The Gathering

Chapter 717: Being Swindled By Yun Jian. Time For The Gathering

Therefore, it was not just representatives or owners of established businesses in Zhe Province or the international scene who would attend the event this evening. Some of them would bring their children along.

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Under normal circumstances, however, it was usually Zhe Province’s local entrepreneurs who came with their children to expand their network. As for the personages who Panthers Pack had invited from abroad, it went without saying that they would attend without their children. It would depend on the situation even if someone wanted to introduce and match-make their children. After all, this was just a gathering held by Zhe Province’s gang. If the internationally renowned bigshots came with their children and the latter did fall in love with someone, they would be marrying into a lower class. It would not be worth the union.

Nevertheless, these remained unspoken albeit such societal phenomena truly existed.

Bidding Dai Qingqing goodbye, Yun Jian returned to Novel Park Hotel. Since she had nothing to do, she took Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei, who had been equally bored in their room for the entire afternoon, to the hotel lounge for a game of mahjong.

Before Zhang Zhifan followed Yun Jian, he was still a small-time thug in Xinjiang Town. During then, he was either gambling or lending usurious loans. After working for Yun Jian, however, it had been a long time since he played mahjong.

“I didn’t expect you to be so good, Sister Jian!” Zhang Zhifan cried in exasperation after losing to Yun Jian again.

The game of mahjong was played by four players. Novel Park Hotel’s lounge actually had mahjong tables set up there, so mahjong fans would drop by on their own naturally. Other than Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei who were at Yun Jian’s table, the fourth player was just another mahjong fan.

After losing some six or seven rounds to Yun Jian, said mahjong fan stood up and left like he was fleeing. He was a bald little old man, currently exclaiming with a stroke on his shiny head, “Game over! Game over! I’m old now, no good anymore. I can’t even beat a young little girl. I quit, I quit!”

As he spoke, he shook his head with a sigh. The little old man then left the lounge.

“Sister Jian, can we stop here?” Zhang Zhifan, who had lost a stack of hundred yuan, pleaded desperately.

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Yun Jian took a glimpse at Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei who were both smiling in grimaces and glanced at the clock in the lounge before saying, “Another game.”

Zhang Zhifan was on the brink of crying.

When Yun Jian had won loads and both Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei’s pockets were emptied by her, the clock finally showed 7:30pm.

“I made quite some money. I’ll treat you both to supper after the gathering,” Yun Jian told the men generously with a pat on her bulging pants pocket and grinned, flashing her neat pearly whites.

Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei were rendered speechless.

A big bus was parked at the entrance of Novel Park Hotel at 7:40pm, specifically to pick up those who did not drive here.

Duan Lei had driven the RV, so the trio did not have to take the designated coach sent by Panthers Pack. When they arrived at the mammoth building for the event after Duan Lei’s smooth drive, it was 8pm on the dot.

The gathering that the Panthers Pack organized was not held in Novel Park Hotel.

Duan Lei opened the door for Yun Jian personally, where the latter hopped off the vehicle with grace. Then, escorted by Duan Lei and Zhang Zhifan, Yun Jian led the way into the lavish-looking building where the gathering was held.

The building here was specifically built for event purposes. Upon entry to the sublime structure, one could register at the entrance directly.

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