The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 718 - Scorned. What A Coincidence

Chapter 718: Scorned. What A Coincidence

Right now, it was still dark in front of the building where the light did not hit while fountains sprayed on its sides. Ever-changing neon lights illuminated the fountains, adding a mystical flair to them.

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Going through a small patch of forest from the cobbled path here, one could see the lofty building standing before the eyes from afar.

The closer it got to the building’s entrance, the clearer Yun Jian and the men looked in the dark as there were lights spilling from the door of the building.

“Sister Jian, we’re here. Let’s go in,” Duan Lei told Yun Jian while he took a look at the piece of paper he held that had the address of the gathering written on it—under the streetlight and matched it to the lot number of the building.

“Mn.” Yun Jian nodded and led the way in with Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei behind her.

Just as she came to the staircase of the massive building, she could hear someone calling her name from a distance away. Yun Jian knew immediately from what she heard that it was not Dai Qingqing, but it was the voice of a guy who called her.

Standing on the step, she tilted slightly to take a look, a small frown creasing her brows when she saw who it was making his way over.

The person calling her name was none other than Ye Kai whom she had met in the ice skating rink.

There was a middle-aged man and woman standing beside the tall Ye Kai. Judging by their similar features, Yun Jian could guess that they were his parents.

“Yun Jian! It’s really you!” Ye Kai exclaimed in glee when he saw Yun Jian.

When he noticed the slight frown on Yun Jian, however, he chuckled when struck by a sudden realization that the girl was put off by the rather charming face.

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“Heh heh! I heard Dai Qingqing addressing you this way, so I know that your name’s Yun Jian,” Ye Kai explained before looking at the girl gentlemanly and asking, “I honestly didn’t expect to see you here. Do you want to go in together?”

Ye Kai’s tone as if they were close to each other made Yun Jian narrow her eyes.

“Kai’er, who’s this girl?” the middle-aged woman standing behind Ye Kai who was dressed garishly asked him with a scornful glance at Yun Jian.

“A girl I know from the ice rink,” Ye Kai answered his mother with a smile.

Ye Kai’s mother, Yu Xiaodan, could see that her son was interested in Yun Jian since she had been young once too. After scanning the young girl, however, she scrunched up her brows instantly.

The guests who attended the gathering this evening put in the effort to dress up. It was not just Yu Xiaodan, even Ye Kai had changed into a suit and looked dapper. Yet, Yun Jian was only wearing plain clothes. Although she was a natural beauty, that fact remained obvious no matter what clothes she wore.

Nevertheless, beauty was useless to a higher class family like Yu Xiaodan. Wealth and influence were what mattered!

It went without saying that Yun Jian was looked down on by Yu Xiaodan.

“Kai’er, our family is considerably known to be affluent and influential. It’s better that you mingle with random people less,” Yu Xiaodan told Ye Kai in a disdainful tone after she took a look at Yun Jian then at Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei who were behind said girl.

“Mom...” Ye Kai wanted to say something but a female voice that Yun Jian was also familiar with rang, “Senior Ye, you’re here too. What a co...”

Before she could say “coincidence”, Gao Meihan who saw Yun Jian had her words choked in her throat.

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