The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 719 - Farcical. Anticipating Her Status

Chapter 719: Farcical. Anticipating Her Status

The moment Gao Meihan saw Yun Jian, she felt like murdering someone. Why? Why was the girl here as well!

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Like Ye Kai, Gao Meihan had come with her parents today. Her family background was similar to Ye Kei’s—both of them young heirs of wealthy families. More importantly, their parents were business partners, whilst they were the most popular kids in school. It was a match made in heaven.

Gao Meihan had pestered her parents to bring her today because Ye Kai would definitely be here.

In spite of it, Gao Meihan and Ye Kai’s families were only insignificant presences that ranked at the bottom in a large-scale gathering like today. As for Ye Kai’s bros, they were not even qualified to attend the event.

Gao Meihan had planned to ask Ye Kai out halfway through the event, avoiding both sets of their parents, and confessed to him tonight, so she was incredibly thrilled when she saw him a distance away. Guess who did she see in the end?

She saw Yun Jian! The only girl who Ye Kai was mesmerized by! Why was she here!

To maintain her image, especially in front of Ye Kai’s family, Gao Meihan could only grip her fists so tight that her nails stabbed into her palms. She wore a friendly face when she turned to Yun Jian.

“Oh, you’re here too? It’s really a coincidence! We must be fated!” Gao Meihan stuck her tongue out as she spoke, looking utterly youthful and guileless.

“Oh, Meihan, you’re here. Auntie’s been hoping to see you at home for days. You must come stay a night with us next weekend!” Yu Xiaodan who knew that her son was interested in Yun Jian purposely went over to hold Gao Meihan’s hand and spoke gently right in front of her.

The woman thought that there was no way Yun Jian was not interested in her son when her son liked her. After all, any girl would die to marry into a legitimate affluent family like theirs!

Despite that, Yu Xiaodan had her eyes set on daughter-in-law types like Gao Meihan, so she made sure to show that in front of Yun Jian, hoping for the girl to realize it on her own and stop seducing her son.

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“Sister Jian, it’s already 8:05pm. We should head up,” Zhang Zhifan told Yun Jian after checking his wristwatch.

Yun Jian certainly knew what Yu Xiaodan and Gao Meihan were trying to do but she merely scoffed in her mind and turned to go upstairs.

“Hey, Yun Jian, wait for me...” Ye Kai ran up to her quickly when he saw that she was making her way up.

Annoyed, Yu Xiaodan tugged Gao Meihan and gave chase as well. The woman could not help despising Yun Jian, thinking to herself that the latter was acting uppity when she had already seduced her son. Playing hard to get? Hah, she was not going to let her get her way!

Yun Jian ignored Ye Kai who was catching up to her as she led Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei to the entrance of the gathering venue.

There was someone seated for registration by the door—one could only enter after informing the person of their identity.

As Yu Xiaodan tugged Gao Meihan along, running up with an entourage behind them, she was almost sprinting to get in front of Yun Jian and raised her voice arrogantly at the person-in-charge of registration by the door. “Ye Corp.!”

She then pointed at Gao Meihan and told the person, “This is the heiress of Gao Group!”

“You may enter,” the person at the door said after completing their registration.

Then, Yu Xiaodan turned to tip her chin conceitedly at Yun Jian, her gaze looked like she was saying, “What’s your status to be entering?”

Ignoring the woman, Yun Jian went to the registration table and uttered easily through her rosy lips, “Falcon Hall.”

It was the second largest gang of Zhe Province, Falcon Hall!

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