The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 72 - Transferring School Soon. The Appearance Of The Male Lead

Chapter 72 - Transferring School Soon. The Appearance Of The Male Lead

Listening to Qin Yirou’s brief narration of her troubles throughout the years, Dong Ruan felt her heart aching for her as well as burning in wrath.

Dong Ruan’s character was distinct compared to Qin Yirou. She was unable to withstand injustice, a classic career woman, and was already gritting her teeth in fury listening to Qin Yirou’s account.

"Yun Gang is a jerk. Yirou, I told you before, Yun Gang and his family are wretched. You just wouldn’t listen!" Dong Ruan was still furious when she spoke, but her tone was remorseful.

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"Oh, Yirou, you should’ve come to me a long time ago. How could I not help you when it was that serious?" Dong Ruan said earnestly.

It was only then that Dong Ruan noticed Yun Jian who was standing beside Qin Yirou.

"This is Xiao Jian, right? Look how much she’s grown! I remember back then she was only ten! And now she’s a big girl! She must be in junior high now, isn’t she?" Dong Ruan patted Qin Yirou’s shoulder and stopped mentioning the sad past.

Qin Yirou wiped away her tears and smiled. "Yeah, Xiao Jiao is a ninth grader in Xinjiang Town Junior High."

As she said that, she gave Yun Jian a tap and signaled her saying, "Xiao Jian, this is mom’s best friend. You can call her Aunt Dong."

"Nice to meet you, Aunt Dong," Yun Jian greeted politely as she looked at Dong Ruan.

Dong Ruan’s kindness to Qin Yirou was sincere. Yun Jian could see it from her eyes.

One’s gaze cannot lie.

Dong Ruan was genuinely concerned for Qin Yirou.

"Ay, good girl! Yirou, your kid is great!" Dong Ruan grinned at Yun Jian and could not help praising.

After that, both women chatted again.

Having not met for so many years, it was certain that they had a lot to tell each other.

Engaged in the conversation, Dong Ruan turned to ask Yun Jian, "Xiao Jiao, why don’t you move to Longmen City since you guys are leaving that house anyway? Come stay at Aunt Dong’s place. You’re a ninth grader now and you’ll be sitting for your high school entrance exam soon. I’ll transfer you to Yi High okay? Yi High’s education is the standard!"

Qin Yirou had told Dong Ruan everything just now.

Since she was divorcing Yun Gang and the house they were staying at was Yun Gang’s property, she had to seek alternative accommodation.

Dong Ruan gave it a thought. Her house was huge anyway, so she offered to move Qin Yirou’s family to Longmen City.

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Qin Yirou was grateful for her help. They had been long-time friends, after all, so she was less courteous.

Furthermore, Dong Ruan could transfer Xiao Jian to Yi High!

Yi High’s faculty and education were excellent. It was the best junior high school in Longmen City.

Plenty of parents had cracked their heads just to send their children to this school, not minding to splurge either, but their efforts were possibly futile.

Xiao Jian’s results were poor but they could definitely pick up once she was admitted into the school.

When both women reached a consensus, Dong Ruan then asked if Yun Jian was willing to transfer to Longmen City.

After all, the child’s opinion was significant.

Transferring school meant that she had to enter a new environment and mingle with a new body of people. More specifically, she was transferring in the middle of her ninth grade academic year. It posed a concern that she would be isolated when she went to a new school.

Yun Jian was taken aback. She had been planning to relocate her family to Longmen City. Now that Dong Ruan had mentioned it, their thoughts were coincidently aligned.

"Hmm... I’m fine," said Yun Jian with a press of lips and a nod.

It was decided.


A loud braking sound echoed from the mansion’s yard out of the blue.

A shiny black limited edition sports car drifted on the spot and parked right in front of them.

The noise shocked Qin Yirou as cars were a rare sight during this era. What was more, it was a sports car.

In addition, the vehicle abruptly drifted to stop right in front of them.

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes in curiosity when the car door opened to reveal a tall figure from the driver seat.

The person’s face came into view. He was handsome, introspective, and enigmatic.

When she got a clear view, Yun Jian was stunned.

It was him?

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