The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 720 - A Combo—One Blow After Another

Chapter 720: A Combo—One Blow After Another

Yu Xiaodan’s head that was raised in condescension to look at Yun Jian froze right after Yun Jian announced her identity.

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“Falcon Hall?” Even the person who was registering the guests at the door paused her pen—just as she was about to write down the next guest’s details on the paper—when she heard Yun Jian’s identity.

Ye Kai, whose hand was still trying to get close to Yun Jian, halted instantly. Gao Meihan, her parents, as well as Ye Kai’s parents were stunned.

No one cared about Yun Jian because they thought that she was just a nobody from how she was dressed. However, Falcon Hall was a recent rising mafia group.

Back then, Panthers Pack was the top gang in Zhe Province while Flying Passage was ranked second. In other words, Flying Passage’s ability was only second to Panthers Pack. It was basically the only possible presence to replace Panthers Pack as the top mob in Zhe Province!

Even Panthers Pack, the top gang in Zhe Province itself, was unable to uproot Flying Passage but there was news a few months ago that circulated. News that Flying Passage was annihilated by Falcon Hall! All the former gang’s territories were now belonging to Falcon Hall.

The news was already enough of a thunderbolt but in comparison, what struck the terror chord in everyone about Falcon Hall was that... it had not wiped out Flying Passage through a feud participated by all its members! Falcon Hall’s boss, Slaying Luo, had gone to Flying Passage on her own to kill the latter’s boss right before the eyes of its executive members and everyone else!

She did not need anyone. She, alone, was enough to take out the second top gang in Zhe Province! She was both an amazement and a menace!

In spite of it, no one here, right now, would relate Yun Jian to the legendary Falcon Hall boss, Slaying Luo.

The latter was simply too skilled while Yun Jian here looked frail. Even when she was much more filled out compared to when she was first rebirthed, she still looked thin in her clothes.

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“Falcon Hall?! Yun Jian... you’re from Falcon Hall?” Ye Kai’s immediate reaction was shock.

The majority of the people present knew what Falcon Hall represented. The gang was able to destroy Flying Passage, which even Panthers Pack was not even capable of, within a short duration of time. This meant that Falcon Hall could possibly replace Panthers Pack as the top mafia group in Zhe Province in the future!

While Ye Kai and Gao Meihan’s families were reputable in Hang City, the standard of their family companies, in a gathering of this scale tonight, were right at the bottom in ranks. Forget comparing to Falcon Hall or Panthers Pack, they were not even one-tenth of either gang.

Hence, Yu Xiaodan blanched right away once she heard that Yun Jian was from Falcon Hall. She had verbally insulted Yun Jian just now all because she had judged her by her looks.

In the beginning, Yu Xiaodan had even assumed Yun Jian to be the kind of girl who would pester and cling to her son, begging him to take her into the gathering, thus she put on a show to announce both her family background and Gao Meihan’s in front of her.

Who would have thought that Yun Jian was actually... from Falcon Hall?

How was that possible? She was so young. How could she represent Falcon Hall to attend the event?

Yun Jian ignored Ye Kai.

At the same time, Zhang Zhifan had stepped to the registration table and casually told the person-in-charge, “New Cruise Company.”

It was another hit to Ye Kai and Gao Meihan’s families.

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