The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 721 - Full Of Herself. A Foolish Woman

Chapter 721: Full Of Herself. A Foolish Woman

When Yun Jian mentioned Falcon Hall just now—meaning that she represented the gang, Ye Kai and Gao Meihan’s families were already wearing a whirlwind of complicated expressions. After all, everyone knew about the reputation of Falcon Hall.

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What they did not expect was Zhang Zhifan who had been following Yun Jian like an underling to state he represented “New Cruise Company” directly.

If Falcon Hall was a rising force that must not be provoked, New Cruise was the epitome of new generation large-scale enterprises. It was already a household name in the nation. There was no doubt that New Cruise was a leading trend in Country Z.

As of now, New Cruise had already begun strategizing for nationwide chain business with multiple branch stores. It was still in progress but Yun Jian had already asked Zhang Zhifan to execute the plan.

At the same time, the company was starting to franchise out and received an overwhelmingly positive response.

Basically, New Cruise was the next rising star.

As for Ye Corp. run by Ye Kai’s family or Gao Group from Gao Meihan’s family, it was needless to say that they could not even be compared to New Cruise.

The person at the registration was already baffled when Yun Jian mentioned Falcon Hall but when Zhang Zhifan, who looked like Yun Jian’s follower, stepped up to mention the name New Cruise; she was so dumbstruck that her black pen dropped to the floor with a clack.

Quickly bowing to pick up the pen, the registration person frantically jotted down “New Cruise Company” on the book and told Yun Jian nervously, “My apologies for the faux pas just now. You may enter.”

The staff in-charge of the registration had seen hotshots and personages from various fields. It was only a matter of course that she recovered from a petty incident swiftly.

If Yun Jian had not looked so young to go with the identity she informed, as well as the surprise of the middle-aged man behind her brought from his informed identity, the registration lady would certainly not be flummoxed.

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Right after the registration lady spoke, Ye Kai turned, about to talk to Yun Jian who was two meters away from him.

“Sister Jian, let’s go,” Zhang Zhifan told Yun Jian first.

“Mn.” Yun Jian nodded and stepped through the door with Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei.

The corner of Ye Kai’s lips twitched as he stood in place. Watching Yun Jian’s petite but tempting back, he was increasingly impatient.

Gao Meihan who caught the situation stabbed her nails into her palm again as her fists balled up, wearing an unnatural smile shakily on her face.

“Forget it!” Yu Xiaodan went over to knock at Ye Kai’s head and spoke to herself, “Kicking up a cloud of dust! She mustn’t be anything decent for a girl to join the gang. Kai’er, you’d better stay away from her! Don’t get bewitched!”

As she spoke, Yu Xiaodan grabbed Gao Meihan’s hand to pat it softly and smiled at the girl, lavishing her with praises right in front of her family, “Meihan’s better. So pretty, kind-hearted, and graceful! Heh!”

Yu Xiaodan comforted herself through her own words. To what she thought, so what if Yun Jian was from Falcon Hall?

Even if Zhang Zhifan was Yun Jian’s man and was related to the company New Cruise, so what?

She was not that woman Slaying Luo, the boss of Falcon Hall! She was not New Cruise’s director! What was she so boastful about!

“Some people are just full of themselves and look too highly at themselves!” Yu Xiaodan could not help commenting. Obviously, the subject of her comment was Yun Jian.

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