The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 722 - You’re Here. Her Grandfather

Chapter 722: You’re Here. Her Grandfather

Yu Xiaodan said what she did because she was simply indignant that Yun Jian seemed to have snagged the limelight from her just now. If she did not make a few mocking comments about Yun Jian, she would have felt worse keeping them in her heart.

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Nonetheless, this was only because Yu Xiaodan did not know Yun Jian’s actual identity. If she were to find out about it, she would not have dared sneered similarly even if she was pushed to.

“Alright, enough, let’s head in,” Yu Xiaodan’s husband urged, unable to tolerate the woman after hearing what she said.

“Sure, sure!” In the same impatience, Yu Xiaodan replied and turned to Gao Meihan with a plastered-on kind face.

The more she looked at Gao Meihan, the easier the girl was on her eyes!

As they chatted, they entered the venue after Yun Jian.


When Yun Jian went in with Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei, the three of them were greeted with tables over 10 meters long.

As the interior lighting illuminated the space as bright as the day, it had also made the various desserts served on the tables glisten. Cutlery was abundant on the tables draped with white dining cloths, both the dessert and dining utensils looked expensive.

A few tables had bottles of wine stacked. A glance from afar was enough to tell that these bottles of alcohol were costly, exquisite distillations saved since the olden days.

Once the guests came into this hall, they could help themselves with any delicacies here for free. This was the banquet of the high society.

Yun Jian came to a rectangular table and picked up a small piece of Swiss roll from the table, putting it into her mouth, chewing and gulping it down softly. Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei drooled over the delicious food as well, picking up some desserts and standing at an unnoticeable corner with Yun Jian.

“Sister Jian, the desserts are quite nice. We should switch up the food in our gang. It’s boring having the same old communal meal!” Duan Lei who was usually mature and composed could not help joking.

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“I had a meal once in your gang. Tsk... that taste... it’s not even on par with the slightest crumb of this dessert I’m holding!” Zhang Zhifan complained jovially without any bite.

“Let me hire the chef here back to Longmen City someday then,” Yun Jian quipped with a smile as well.

The hall was already teeming with guests and people were still coming in endlessly.

In comparison, Yun Jian, Zhang Zhifan, and Duan Lei did not have a distinct sense of presence. Moreover, the majority of the guests were already chatting with acquaintances or people they were familiar with.

Yun Jian did not have too many people in Zhe Province with who she was close to. Whether it was New Cruise or Falcon Hall, she did not develop them depending on her network of connections.

Basically, people who knew her were rare and few in between.

“Yun Jian! You’re here!” A cheery voice rang during then.

As Yun Jian trailed her eyes over, she actually did not have to see to know that it was Dai Qingqing to have called her with such a jolly and carefree tone.

Expectedly, Dai Qingqing was currently making her way over, holding on to an old man in his fifties or sixties with hair turning white on his sides.

Although the elder’s hair was silvering, he was perky and exuded a lofty sense from his gaze. It commanded people to submit to his authority.

This was Dai Qingqing’s grandfather, Cai Wenhan.

Since Dai Qingqing took after her mother’s family name and returned to the Cai Family later in her life, she did not share the same surname as Cai Wenhan.

As of now, she was clutching her grandfather fondly to come to Yun Jian.

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