The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 723 - The Panther Boss. Gracing His Presence

Chapter 723: The Panther Boss. Gracing His Presence

Dai Qingqing was already speaking before she came to Yun Jian with Grandpa Cai, “Yun Jian! I’ve been looking for you for a long time. I nearly went around the entire venue. I’ve found you finally!”

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As she spoke, she came to stand before Yun Jian with Grandpa Cai in tow.

Yun Jian raked her eyes over Dai Qingqing and Grandpa Cai at once.

The latter was dressed formally and looked to be in good health. His hair was graying but the commanding presence would not change following a person’s appearance. While Yun Jian scanned Grandpa Cai, the elder was scrutinizing her as well.

Simultaneously, Yun Jian saw that Dai Qingqing had changed out of her casual student outfit into a long pink lace dress. The tube top gown that hugged Dai Qingqing’s figure accentuated her already shapely lines.

“What do you think? Yun Jian, do I look good like this?” Dai Qingqing could not help laughing and twirled on the spot holding her dress when she saw that Yun Jian was checking her out. As she spoke, she inched closer to Yun Jian intimately.

“Very pretty,” Yun Jian gave her best comment.

Dai Qingqing grinned and jogged to her, hooking arms with Yun Jian and introduced her to Grandpa Cai, “Grandpa, this is my new friend, Yun Jian!”

She then introduced the old man to Yun Jian, “Yun Jian, he’s my grandpa. I’ve mentioned him before. Grandpa’s the closest person I have who’s the best to me in this world!”

After Dai Qingqing’s mother passed away, Grandpa Cai had taken her back to the Cai Family. While the rest of the family members did not welcome Dai Qingqing, Grandpa Cai had always treated her like his own. Even against Cai Wenhui and Cai Wenling, he was still a little biased to Dai Qingqing.

“Nice to meet you,” Yun Jian greeted with a nod looking at Grandpa Cai.

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“Hello, young one!” Grandpa Cai nodded with a kind look at Yun Jian.

The elderly man could look kind and friendly, but he was the director of a corporation notable across Country Z. He was aged but he kept a good rein on his company.

This was why Grandpa Cai’s heirs, including Dai Qingqing’s birth father, had no choice but to listen to him when he favored Dai Qingqing. With authority and power in his grasp, he had what he wanted and others could only obey him.

“Hahaha! Mr. Ouyang, it’s my honor that you could grace us with your presence!”

A group of people came in from the backyard of the venue during then.

One of them was a short man who looked ruthless with a long frightening scar running down his neck. He walked at the front leading the group while next to him was a tall and lean man wearing a single eye-patch and had the looks of a savage pirate.

The short man spoke to the tall single eye-patch man in a hushed voice but his tone was dripping with flattery.

Yun Jian recognized the person from a distance away.

The short guy with a frightening scar on his neck was Panthers Pack’s boss, Han Biao, people called him “Brother Biao”.

As for the tall and lean man with an eye-patch who walked in front being fawned over by Han Biao, who was also addressed as “Mr. Ouyang”, Yun Jian did not know who he was.

Judging from Han Biao’s obsequious attitude, however, he must not be anyone ordinary. After all, Han Biao was the boss of the top mob, Panthers Pack, in Zhe Province. Someone who called for his deference was definitely not a small fry!

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