The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 724 - Revisiting An Old Topic. Doomed

Chapter 724: Revisiting An Old Topic. Doomed

Once Han Biao entered, he became the center of attention immediately.

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As Yun Jian’s gaze panned, she accidentally caught Ye Kai, Gao Meihan, and their families who had just come in and were standing some distance away. She could feel Ye Kai looking around for her.

Fortunately, Ye Kai did not spot her, as where she stood was somewhere barely noticeable.

Yun Jian suppressed her detestation and shifted her gaze again to look at Han Biao and the one-eyed man who was referred to as Mr. Ouyang some distance away.

While Grandpa Cai checked out both men, he paid attention to Yun Jian as well, slightly frowning when he saw her gazing afar.

Dai Qingqing did not notice any of this as she hooked arms with Yun Jian and enjoyed the desserts standing beside the table happily.

Finally, Mr. Ouyang’s voice came from the distance. “Where are those from the Flying Passage? Why aren’t they here yet?”

Panthers Pack had held a large-scale gathering like this last year and invited famous people from all over the world to attend. In reality, those who came were not plenty. It was said that famous people all over the world were invited but those who actually came were only a handful in total.

What Mr. Ouyang said surprised everyone there.

What? Did he not know that the previous second top mob in Zhe Province, Flying Passage, was already annihilated and replaced by Falcon Hall?

The truth was that Mr. Ouyang genuinely did not know about it.

Perhaps, it should be rephrased. The downfall of a mafia group like Flying Passage might be breaking news in Zhe Province, but it was nothing more than petty information across the nation or the globe.

Hence, the news did not travel too far. The personages who had just arrived in Zhe Province naturally had not heard of it.

Han Biao felt a stutter in his heart. He knew that Mr. Ouyang and Flying Passage’s boss were on friendly terms. Now that he asked...

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Flying Passage used to be the second best gang in Zhe Province. Although the fact that it got terminated had nothing to do with Han Biao, he could not help sucking in a breath inwardly.

Yun Jian who stood some distance away had heard Mr. Ouyang’s question and arched her brow.

When Han Biao did not answer, it did not raise suspicion from Mr. Ouyang either. Instead, he laughed and continued. “Are those from Flying Passage running late again like last year’s gathering? Haha, Xu Zhouzheng’s a shameless one! How dare he be late again!”

As he spoke, he did not sense the solemn atmosphere of those around and quipped, “Xu Zhouming’s coming today too. He’s been looking forward to it. It just couldn’t be helped that he didn’t manage to leave the organization for a bit previously since something big happened. He wasn’t even back for the new year. Now that he’s finally got the time to come back, how dare Xu Zhouzheng be late—haha!”

Mr. Ouyang barely regarded Han Biao as he guffawed on his own after what he said.

Xu Zhouzheng was Flying Passage’s boss while Xu Zhouming was his biological elder brother.

Back then, Yun Jian had killed Xu Zhouzheng personally. Now that Yun Jian listened to Mr. Ouyang, she was able to make sense of the picture.

“Xu Zhouming? Mr. O-ouyang, you don’t mean Xu Zhouzheng’s elder brother, Leopard Head, who’s serving Gu Sha Mercenaries currently, do you?” Han Bian asked in a shivering voice.

Xu Zhouzheng and Flying Passage might not be intimidating as the terror lied with Xu Zhouming.

As Xu Zhouzheng’s elder brother, he was working under Gu Sha Mercenaries with the pseudonym Leopard Head!

When the other guests heard the title, they straightened up with a flinch.

The elder brother of Xu Zhouzheng, boss of Flying Passage that was quashed by Falcon Hall, worked under Gu Sha Mercenaries!—And he had no idea that his younger brother was already dead!

Oh no! Falcon Hall would be doomed!

They were the ones who wiped out Flying Passage and killed the younger brother of Xu Zhouming who served Gu Sha Mercenaries! Xu Zhouming was a member of Gu Sha Mercenaries!

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