The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 726 - I Did It. What Can You Do?

Chapter 726: I Did It. What Can You Do?

After Mr. Ouyang’s bellow, the majority of the people within the venue had shifted their gazes to him with a slight panic creeping into them.

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Although they did not know who he was, they could make out that Mr. Ouyang was not an average Tom, Dick, or Harry when Panthers Pack’s boss, Han Biao, was treating him with deference.

Even Ye Kai and the lot who resented Yun Jian looked over to Mr. Ouyang without an exception.

Just then, a clear voice of a girl rang.

Everyone there jolted and when they snapped out of their daze, they were flabbergasted.

The bunch who stood next to Yun Jian were specifically so. Other than Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei who looked unruffled, Ye Kai, Gao Meihan, Yu Xiaodan, and others snapped their head and eyes back to Yun Jian who spoke decisively. Dai Qingqing and Grandpa Cai were also watching Yun Jian in shock.

“Yun Jian, you...”

That was all Dai Qingqing could manage since Yun Jian had already made her way toward Han Biao and Mr. Ouyang right before everyone’s eyes.

Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei were still following behind her, keeping her guarded like two bodyguards.

Instantly, everyone’s attention was on Yun Jian.

All the guests who attended this evening’s gathering put in the effort to dress up but Yun Jian? She wore only casual attire but her gorgeous face took breaths away.

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Actually, a number of people had checked out Yun Jian since the start but most of them assumed her to have come with Zhang Zhifan and Duan Lei. After all, it would never cross their mind that Yun Jian was attending this event based on her sole capability because the invited companies and mafia groups were well-known in Zhe Province.

Now that Yun Jian spoke up, they felt more disbelief than shock.

What Mr. Ouyang asked just now was who eliminated Flying Passage and killed Xu Zhouzheng, so what was this young lady doing popping up and saying “it was me”?

Could she actually have killed Xu Zhouzheng or destroyed the Flying Passage? Jokes! Did she think that she was Slaying Luo?

“Yun Jian, come back here! Don’t be making up things!” Ye Kai was terrified but he was reluctant to see Yun Jian getting involved. He thought that she was just spewing nonsense and having fallen in love with her at first sight, he had already planned to confess and ask for a date from Yun Jian after the gathering ended.

Now that he saw Yun Jian striding forward, he could no longer stop himself.

Yu Xiaodan, on the other hand, yanked his son’s arm before he could rush to Yun Jian. “My dear Kai’er, let her be! The one standing over there is the Panthers Pack’s boss!”

She then cursed Yun Jian in vehemence but lowered it to a mere whisper, “The b*tch, serves her right to get into trouble since she wants to go crazy and make things up! Pft!”

Yu Xiaodan had held prejudice against Yun Jian, so it only fueled her on when she saw Yun Jian walking to assumed danger, crude words leaving her mouth.

Gao Meihan who resented Yun Jian to her core wore a smile while standing on the side. Marvelous, she would not have to do a thing since the little b*tch Yun Jian was digging her own grave!

Judged by various gazes, Yun Jian had already come in front of Han Biao and Mr. Ouyang like a monarch escorted by Zhang Zhifang and Duan Lei. She squinted at Mr. Ouyang without sparing Han Biao a glance and spoke to him provocatively, “I killed Xu Zhouzheng and I took out Flying Passage! What can you do about it!”

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