The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 728 - Xu Zhouming’s Arrival—Who Killed My Younger Brother?

Chapter 728: Xu Zhouming’s Arrival—Who Killed My Younger Brother?

Cai Wenhui was a typical rich housewife, wife to Longwen Group’s president too, so she was always protected and fawned over and never once disregarded.

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What happened at the entrance of Novel Park Hotel kept her hackles raised even to this point of time.

When she knew that Yun Jian would attend this evening’s event, she was eager to teach the girl a lesson. For someone like Cai Wenhui who had never nursed a loss, how could she be expected to withstand such assumed mistreatment?

Knowing that Yun Jian would attend the gathering today, Cai Wenhui was quick to ask her younger sister, Cai Wenling, to come and support her. After all, Cai Wenling was half the host of tonight’s event!

Han Biao trailed his gaze after Cai Wenhui’s finger and saw Yun Jian who had spoken brazenly just now standing right in front.

The girl had her arms crossed in front of her chest with a smirk, not even sparing Cai Wenhui a glimpse.

Yun Jian had her gaze trained on Mr. Ouyang. Similarly, the latter was silent as he looked back at Yun Jian in scrutiny.

“It’s you again?” Han Biao bellowed at Yun Jian once he heard the woman.

When Yun Jian spoke up just now, she was challenging his authority. Now that he heard Yun Jian bullying his sister-in-law, Han Biao’s murderous intent was stirred immediately.

He was the boss of Zhe Province’s top mafia group, Panthers Pack. Hence, his bellow caused everyone there to feel intimidated.

“I bullied her, so? I killed Xu Zhouzheng and took out Flying Passage. Would I be scared to bully her?” Yun Jian sneered.

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To everyone else, however, she was going to be doomed this time.

“Xu Zhouzheng’s really dead? Flying Passage’s actually destroyed?” Mr. Ouyang fixed a forbidding stare at Han Biao like he was making one last inquiry.

“What! My brother’s dead?” Right when Mr. Ouyang uttered his last word, a resonating voice rang from the entrance.

The people were bewildered. Then a man about 1.9m in height with large, solid, and bulging muscles who gave off the impression of being strong like a bull—came in through the door.

It was then he heard the news he dared not believe. Standing frozen at the entrance, his herculean build and gruff voice sent a shudder down everyone in the hall.

Needless to say, the owner of the voice was the elder brother of the late Flying Passage’s leader, Xu Zhouzheng, and the man who is said to be working under Gu Sha Mercenaries—Xu Zhouming.

Said man who heard the news standing at the door had his eyes rimmed red as he looked straight into the venue. The killing intent that oozed from his eyes looked like he wanted to kill everyone who was in there.

Faced with Xu Zhouming who was almost berserk with murder, Han Biao could not help the shiver that zipped down his puny form. Worried that it would involve him, Han Biao tossed Cai Wenhui’s case to the back of his head entirely. He kept his eyes on Xu Zhouming, knowing that this man was a member of Gu Sha Mercenaries, and grew deferent of him instantly.

“A few months ago, Flying Passage was indeed... indeed uprooted. Xu Zhouzheng was also killed by Falcon Hall who was responsible for destroying the gang...” Han Biao told Xu Zhouming.

“Gah!” Xu Zhouming howled frenziedly right away.

After the pained cry, he looked at Han Biao in reddened eyes and asked, “Who killed my younger brother? Tell me!”

“It’s me.” The girl’s melodic voice rang again in interruption.

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