The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 74 - She Emerged Top One In The Joint Examination Of Five Schools

Chapter 74 - She Emerged Top One In The Joint Examination Of Five Schools

Seated in the classroom, Lu Feiyan was still in a daze.

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She Pretended to not be sad anymore because both of them had made a promise for next year to study in the same high school, but it was impossible for her to be delighted when her best friend of such a long time was going to transfer to a new school.

In spite of it, she was sincerely happy for Yun Jian who was going to Yi High in the city.

After all, a school like Yi High was not somewhere anyone could study at as they wished. For Xiao Jian to study there, it was beneficial to both her future and her current studies.

"Hey, the results from the joint five-school monthly examination are out! I heard that the highest scoring student is from our school!" A classmate who was more informed announced. He had his chin tipped up in pride, as if he was the one who had emerged first in the joint examination.

It came as no surprise when the entire class’ attention assumed it to be him as he declared it.

"Ay, is it true? That’s a test sat by students from five schools and the top one is from our school? This has never happened before!"

"One must know that Yi High was also one of the five schools participating. That’s the city’s best junior high school with a lot of straight A students!"

"I heard that the best students at Yi High were very close to getting a perfect score. Is there really someone in our school who ranked first among the five schools? You must be bluffing, unless we have someone who scored full marks in every paper. But how could someone like that exist?"

There were students in the classroom who did not believe it and retorted the informed student just now.

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"Heh heh, bingo! You actually got it! This person from our school actually got perfect scores in every paper. It shocked all our teachers!" The student replied boastfully again.

It was as if he was the recipient of this immense glory.

Nonetheless, no matter how resourceful the student was, he was unable to identify who the perfect-scoring student that emerged top one among five schools was.

Instantly, the entire class was heatedly talking about the gossip.

"Wow, Xiao Jian, that person is amazing to score full marks in every subject! The person’s even surpassed those crazy scholars in Yi High!" Lu Feiyan who had finally adjusted her emotions talked to Yun Jian with admiration in her gaze.

Yun Jian replied to her with a slight smile and a glint that flashed across her eyes.

"Hah, the perfect score is not even yours, what are you two being so prideful about?" Wang Rourou was waiting for Yun Jian’s lousy result to be announced so she could sneer at her. Otherwise, she really could not withstand the indignation that she had to go through recently.

Perhaps it was because Lu Feiyan was Yun Jian’s best friend. Wang Rourou could not help running over to ridicule them first after she heard what Lu Feiyan said.

"Oh yeah, Yun Jian, I saw that you’ve only answered the papers for ten minutes during the monthly test. What were you doing? Were the papers too difficult? Say, why didn’t you complete the workbooks properly each time? How can you score well with an attitude like that? You’d better not embarrass our class again this time!" Wang Rourou turned to look at Yun Jian despisingly.

"Wang Rourou, are you so free that you have to bark at everyone you can? I’m talking to Xiao Jian, what does it have to do with you!" Lu Feiyan jabbed back for Yun Jian, unable to stand the girl.

On the other hand, Yun Jian was unperturbed. She merely curled her lips up into a stunning smile.

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