The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 75 - Handing Back Papers, Striking Perfect Scores

Chapter 75 - Handing Back Papers, Striking Perfect Scores

"What do you mean what does it have to do with me? Lu Feiyan, what’s wrong with you?" Wang Rourou was ill-tempered, immediately snapping back when Lu Feiyan retorted.

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Then, she scoffed and continued righteously. "I’m the class representative. Yun Jian’s results are awful, so I’m here to inquire about them and have her study harder next time. Is there any fault in that?"

Wang Rourou puffed her c.h.e.s.t as she spoke, like she truly meant what she was saying.

It was plain to both Lu Feiyan and Yun Jian that she was here to find fault with them, however...

"You!" Lu Feiyan was furious too.

Before she could say what she wanted, a student ran in through the door.

The student pulled a long face as he said, "The homeroom teacher’s coming! She has our Chinese monthly test papers in her hands too! I’m doomed, I didn’t perform as well in this exam. What do I do?"

Every time the monthly test results were released, there were students who were joyful and there were students who were fretful.

With some students scoring exceptionally, naturally there were also students who did not do well or for some reason and were below par.

Students who thought that they had done alright sat at their desks in anticipation.

Yun Jian sat at her place without any change in expression while Wang Rourou and Lu Feiyan’s banter naturally stopped there and then.

The teacher was here, all the students had gone back to their respective seats to prepare for the class.

Madam Jin, who wore a pair of black canvas shoes, had a beaming aura. Even students who were nervous could clearly feel her upbeat mood.

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"The results are out." Madam Jin told the class airily as she stood at the rostrum while occasionally taking glimpses at Yun Jian who was seated at the corner.

"Everyone knows that this monthly test is a joint examination by five schools and the difficulty level was higher." Madam Jin squinted as she spoke and feigned suspense. "We have a friend in this class whose results were extremely excellent!"

She halted after this, giving her class a hint but not revealing the whole case.

"Alright, I’ll hand your Chinese papers back first. When your name is called, please step forward to take your test paper. The order of your names are not related to your ranking," said Madam Jin as she took the stack of papers and called out one name after another.

"Zhou Xiaoshan, 89 marks."

"Yang Lei, 67 marks."


"Miss Wang Rourou made quite a huge improvement this time, she’s scored 108 marks! Please give her a round of applause," Madam Jin reported.

Wang Rourou who was summoned stood up. She was very pleased with herself as she was the Chinese class representative and the homeroom teacher had complimented her in front of the whole class.

She lifted her chin up proudly and walked to the rostrum.

Full marks for Chinese was 120. Taking away a few necessary deductions from the essay portion, Wang Rourou’s 108 marks was considerably high.

When she got her paper back, Wang Rourou purposely spread her paper to a certain angle so when she passed Yun Jian, the latter could see the big red "108" ink on the corner of it.

Her expression was exceptionally conceited, as if she was afraid that Yun Jian did not know that she had scored 108 marks.

Before Wang Rourou returned to her seat, Madam Jin’s soothing voice was tinged with thrilling excitement as she suppressed the ecstasy within her to exclaim, "Our next classmate’s results are unimaginable. Uh, not only has she scored full marks in Chinese during this monthly test, she’s scored perfect marks in her three other subjects as well. The maximal mark was 510 and she’s received all 510 of them! She ranked top one in the five-school joint examination! She’s Yun Jian! Now, please welcome Yun Jian up for her test paper!"

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