The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 76 - Cheating. Verified

Chapter 76 - Cheating. Verified

Everyone in the class shared the same expression when Madam Jin announced the news – disbelief.

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Lu Feiyan who was still worried about her results was stunned, Wang Rourou who had just been praised for her improvement was stunned, the entire class was so surprised that their breathing was choked.

The rumored incredible genius who had excelled Yi High’s prodigious scholars and received perfect scores in all four subjects in the joint examination of five schools was actually their class’ Yun Jian... The one who ranked at the bottom few places of the school every time there was a test?

It – it was impossible!

Sure today was not April Fool’s Day?

"No way! This is impossible! She’s scored full marks for all four papers? This is simply impossible!" Wang Rourou shrieked, clenching her paper that had "108" written on it.

After that, she shouted in a more exaggerated expression, "She obviously spent no more than ten minutes on each subject during the test. How could all her answers be correct? It must be a mistake – yeah, it’s a mistake... She cheated! Miss, she must have cheated!"

Wang Rourou was filled with mixed emotions.

She now wondered how risible and ridiculous what she had previously said and done to Yun Jian must have been.

Nonetheless, Wang Rourou’s rambling was interpreted differently by the other students.

Yun Jian had only spent ten minutes answering the papers? Oh, now they remembered!

Yun Jian had only been writing for a moment before she was sleeping on her desk during the day of examination!

How did she actually score the highest out of five schools?

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Did that mean Yun Jian could obtain a perfect score by simply and easily answering the papers that felt challenging to them?

"You said it yourself. I only took ten minutes for every paper. How am I supposed to cheat? Copy from others? Does anyone else have better results than me? Or did I copy from books or notes? Will I be able to copy the answers in ten minutes?" Yun Jian was not the type to stay quiet when she was accused. She stood up and countered Wang Rourou.

Madam Jin coughed, apparently agreeing with Yun Jian.

After all, she was the homeroom teacher of Class (6) and was their Chinese teacher. She had been teaching for at least decades. Analyzing many students’ answers, she could see right through them if they had written it on their own or if they had cheated.

Furthermore, it was like what Yun Jian had said. If she had cheated, how did she?

If she were to copy from others, no one in the class did as well as her model answers.

Even if she were to copy from the textbooks, she would not be able to achieve perfect scores in all four subjects!

Honestly, Madam Jin was the most surprised when Yun Jian’s results were announced.

How could someone’s results take such a big leap?

She had risen to number one of the five schools from last in her own school!

"Alright, quit it. The school has verified the matter and has analyzed Miss Yun Jian’s paper. We’re sure that she certainly did not cheat because Miss Yun Jian’s mathematical workings, arguments in Chinese essay, and thought process in the English answers were written in much detail. She’s basically on par with a college student or even a master’s student!"

Madam Jin breathed out deeply as she spoke, the astonishment that hit her had yet to recover since first discovering Yun Jian’s results.

The class also s.u.c.k.e.d in a deep breath when they heard Madam Jin. When they looked at Wang Rourou again, their gazes were different.

In comparison, their gazes at Yun Jian were now tinged with admiration and respect.

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