The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 77 - Leaving The Town To Longmen City

Chapter 77 - Leaving The Town To Longmen City

A week flew by. Dong Ruan had already completed the school transfer for Yun Jian while Qin Yirou had packed up belongings that she was moving away.

They did not actually have much, only a few sets of clothes. They could never afford anything else anyway.

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Yun Yi knew that they were moving this week and had rushed home from school to help out as well as, packing his clothes and some useful books among other things.

When they left, the neighbors who shared a good relationship with Qin Yirou came to bid them farewell.

Lu Feiyan and the basketball team members were all there as well.

"Xiao Jian, you ought to stay well. Take care of yourself. We’ve made a promise. We’re going to study in the same high school in one year’s time, it’s a deal!" Lu Feiyan forced a smile at Yun Jian despite her impulse to cry.

"Mm, for sure!" Yun Jian nodded and patted the girl’s hand.

This girl was the first person to show her true concern since her rebirth.

The word "friends" held extraordinary significance.

"Ah... you’re leaving so suddenly... Our team finally got a girl who can play so well but you’re going away..." Wu Kui did not know how to send Yun Jian off. He was a ’man’ and he could not weep like a girl, thus he could only express his feelings bluntly.

Yun Jian met his eyes with a smile. Having spent days together, she too had taken the basketball team as her friends.

"We’ll meet again in Longmen City one year from now!" Yun Jian’s farewell speech was short but it gave everyone anticipation.

"Okay! You’ll have to be our guide by then!" Li Xiangyi said with a chuckle and a habitual scratch on his head as he stood on the side.

Yun Jian nodded with a grin, her beauty dazzling everyone again.

"Xiao Jian, Xiao Yi, we’ve got to go. We’ll miss the bus if we’re late. Let’s board now." Qin Yirou bid goodbye to her neighbors respectively and called her children.

She was finally leaving this place for which she spent half of her life living in, but it had grown to dishearten her. It was as if the burden in her heart was relieved during this moment.

As the family boarded the bus they departed.

Yun Jian could see Lu Feiyan shouting goodbye chasing the vehicle when she turned back, until she could no longer see the latter.

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She could not lay a finger on how she felt at that point of time, but she knew that she was destined to keep moving forward.

She was not someone who prioritized kinship, however, she was not heartless.

She would not stop moving forward for anyone either.


When they arrived at the bus stop, Dong Ruan drove to pick them up personally.

The woman was doing well, having both a house and a car.

The only regret was that her husband had passed away. It had been a car accident. He was killed at the scene.

She was left with her son who was only eight years old.

Other than spending time with her son in the mansion, she was usually lonely. Now that Qin Yirou’s family was moving in, Dong Ruan was overjoyed.

The mansion was huge, so there were a lot of rooms to accommodate them.

Dong Ruan assigned two rooms each to Yun Jian, Yun Yi, and Qin Yirou, a bedroom and a study room, yet the mansion was still empty.

Qin Yirou refused the study room since she had no need for it.

After settling down, she planned to head out and look for a job. This was someone else’s home after all, she would not feel at ease staying here long term.

Once she saved enough money, they would move out.

Dong Ruan had initially opposed the idea of Qin Yirou working. The latter’s hand injury had just healed.

Later, she was unable to persuade her and found her a manageable job.

The monthly wage was quite high too. At least, it was much higher than what Qin Yirou worked for at the textile factory.

As Yun Jian temporarily called the place home, she met Si Yi almost every day but they did not talk to each other.

Carrying her old schoolbag, she went to register herself in her new school Yi High, on the third morning since they had moved in.

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