The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 78 - Longmen Yi Junior High School, I Am Yun Jian

Chapter 78 - Longmen Yi Junior High School, I Am Yun Jian

Yun Jian had no idea that she had transferred school just in time before Yuan Yingjun who was going to play his dirty tricks on her.

Truth be told, Yuan Yingjun fumed when he heard that Yun Jian had transferred without notice, causing him to nearly choke from how enraged he was.

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The painstaking effort he ployed was thoroughly foiled!

This was in hindsight, anyway.

Now, Yun Jian had her daily necessities carried on her back, though it was not much, as she walked to her new school with a bounce.

When she looked up at Yi High’s entrance gate, the gigantic plate hung high above it – Longmen Yi Junior High School.

"Longmen Yi Junior High School" was what everyone had referred to as Yi High. This was the school’s full name.

Yun Jian was a transfer student and had come in halfway through the academic semester, thus she had gone to report herself at the principal’s office once she arrived at the new school.

Principal Zhang was a middle-aged man with a square face. He sat straight and serious like a stern educator.

Dong Ruan was a government official and it was said that she was a high ranking official in the city’s education ministry. Being introduced to the school via Dong Ruan, Principal Zhang’s attitude toward Yun Jian was with a hint of fawning.

He had even arranged Yun Jian into the best class of the ninth grade, Class A.

Each grade in this school named their classes with letters. For example, Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, and more for every grade.

Of course, students who could enter Longmen Yi Junior High School were either from wealthy families or their academic results were impeccable, while students of Class A in each grade were the elites among these students.

Due to Dong Ruan’s background, Yun Jian was assigned to Class A immediately.

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The homeroom teacher of ninth grade’s Class A was a female teacher who had just graduated from college. Miss Yu looked exceptionally young, probably around her early twenties.

Getting a position like this as soon as she graduated, Miss Yu’s family must either be affluent or influential as well.

She took Yun Jian to the dorm first and let the girl store her belongings there before taking her to Class A.

The Longmen Yi Junior High School had a rule. Students of the school were supposed to board in the dorms from Monday to Friday. There were no exceptions, even if one were a young master of a rich household.

Yun Jian knew of this a long time ago and had brought along her daily necessities when she came. She did not take long to put away her things as she did not have much to begin with.

The students in Class A of the ninth grade were playful and merry during breaks. Miss Yu led Yun Jian into the classroom and signaled the class to quiet down.

"This is our new transfer student. I hope that all of you can be friends. We’ll have our new student introduce herself next," said Miss Yu.

The whole class was looking at Yun Jian with a stare when Miss Yu spoke.

The girl was truly pretty with big eyes and thin eyebrows. Her long eyelashes fluttered when she blinked, looking dainty and adorable. It was just that her faded old clothes did not match her features.

"Tsk, I bet she’s another kid from the poor outskirts. I really don’t know how people like this get into Class A!" a girl said rolling her eyes after taking a jealous glance at Yun Jian’s appearance.

Most of the students here spoke their mind without consideration as they had the advocacy of wealthy families. Even the teachers could only turn a blind eye and feign oblivion.

Yun Jian heard her too but she pretended like she did not and made a simple introduction. "I’m Yun Jian."

No more? She was supposed to introduce herself? That was all?

Her classmates were stunned. They somehow felt that her name was familiar.

Someone suddenly recalled this familiar name and spoke loudly, "I remember now! So you’re Yun Jian? You’re that Yun Jian who scored top one in the five-school examination with perfect scores across all subjects!"

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