The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 79 - Parrying The Prankish Boy

Chapter 79 - Parrying The Prankish Boy

Majority of the students in Class A were not truly concerned about the test results, as most of them were from wealthy families. In spite of it, the teacher assigned to this class was the best in the entire grade.

It was obvious that in this world, wealthy and powerful people have the advantage.

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Nonetheless, in Class A there were also straight-A students who scored the best in the city but had no family background.

When the student identified Yun Jiam, in addition to her current attire, the entire class automatically classified her to said group, the ones who were poor but performed incredibly well in their studies.

If the international tycoons, who knew Yun Jian in her previous life, heard what these people were saying, they would most probably be rolling on the floor laughing.

What a joke! Poor and weak Yun Jian?

Who are you kidding?

Could she monopolize the entire commerce lane if she was poor? Could she do whatever she wanted in the black market if she was weak?

After some clamor in the class, Miss Yu pointed calmly at a desk behind the classroom that was near the trashcan and told Yun Jian, "Have a seat there first. We’ll rearrange the seats again in a few days and will move you to the front then."

It was not Miss Yu’s intention to isolate Yun Jian, but the classroom was full. That was the only vacant spot.

Yi High had always been the school where the city’s parents cracked their heads just to send their children there. If it were not for Dong Ruan, the spot beside the trashcan would probably have been long snatched too.

"Mm." Yun Jian nodded and went down the rostrum toward the seat that Miss Yu had indicated.

There were a lot of young and rich kids in Class A. Expectedly, there were a lot of them who were up to mischief.

As Yun Jian walked through the aisle to the back of the classroom, she saw a boy chortling with a hand over his mouth like he was up to no good.

His scheme was all written on his face, however.

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Yun Jian remained oblivious and made her way to the back.

When she was near the chuckling boy, he suddenly stuck his leg out in an attempt to trip Yun Jian, plotting to tease the newcomer.

A lot of students in the class were laughing silently, as if accustomed to how the boy would greet new kids.

The scenario they imagined would be Yun Jian tripping over without being aware, falling onto the floor with a loud thud while the entire class laughed to their hearts’ content.

However, this was not the reality.

The boy then stuck his leg out. Yun Jian wore a smirk as her foot that was going to walk over, it instead hovered in the air under everyone’s anticipation.

The boy’s leg was already extended in the aisle when Yun Jian’s hovering foot stepped on it.

"Ah!" The boy’s leg was instead stomped by Yun Jian as he m.o.a.n.e.d in pain, "Ouch, ouch, ouch! It hurts!"

Yun Jian crushed it with brute force. There was a slight pause before she lifted her leg with shiny eyes that were looking ahead.

She had accurately stepped on the boy’s leg based on her intuition.

When the class witnessed this, they were all dumbfounded.

Each time a new student who did not have much family support but studied incredibly well joined, they would be bullied, just like how the boy attempted just now.

In spite of it, none of them had managed to avoid it.

However, when Yun Jian walked over, she looked like she did not know anything about it.

Why then, had the person being stepped on became the boy?

It was as if the new kid already knew their dirty trick but kept it to herself!

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