The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 8 - Do You Want To Try Dying Once?

Chapter 8 - Do You Want To Try Dying Once?

"He went to... the loan sharks?" There was a twitch on Qin Yirou’s eyelid. She spoke uncertainly, even her voice quivered.

"He" was none other than Yun Gang.

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"Who else! Yun Gang borrowed five thousand from me three months ago and promised that he’ll return it today. M*therf*cker, can’t even find him now!" The man with a scar looked at Qin Yirou in disdain and said.

It was obvious that the group of people, who accompanied the man with the scar, were hooligans.

Yun Gang took a loan, did not settle it, and went into hiding. One should pay his debt; when one could not be found, however, the creditor would go to their house.

If the debt was not cleared within the agreed duration, loan sharks charged an exuberant rate of interest that would snowball. Furthermore, these loan sharks would do anything to dun the debt!

Yun Gang had borrowed money from them without telling her! Moreover, he had borrowed five thousand Chinese yuan! Five thousand Chinese yuan in 1998 was not a small sum!

It was beyond doubt that their family condition was poor. Forget five thousand, they would not be able to settle even five hundred Chinese yuan!

Now that Yun Gang had run away from his deed and left the monstrous debt, it was forcing the family to a dead end.

Qin Yirou’s hand flew to her c.h.e.s.t as she shook, barely keeping balance from anger.

Yun Jian held her in time. "Mom, are you okay?"

Looking at Qin Yirou, Yun Jian did not spare the men a glance.

It was not that she did not care. She knew that their physical capabilities were not to be feared, although they appeared menacing with the weapons they held.

Yun Yi gripped his fists. He could only suppress his rage looking at the group of men and told the man with a scar, "Our family will repay the debt. Can you spare us a few more days?"

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What Yun Yi was dying to do right now was to find his father and beat him up. Yet he could not do anything.

His father was good-for-nothing and Yun Yi was now the only man of the house. He must consider for his mother and baby sister, he had to shoulder the responsibility for his family.

He could only lower his pride to these people. What else could he do? They had such a useless father!

The man with a scar on his face snorted and dug his nose, pulling out a booger. He stared at Yun Yi with a deriding gaze. "Heh, a few more days? Sure!"

Before Yun Yi could breathe in relief, however, the man continued. "If you let your baby sister be our company and let us have fun! Oh, lick the booger on my finger clean! Maybe I’ll agree if I’m happy! Hmm? Haha!"

Taunting him, the man wagged the booger on his finger as he spoke.

The gang around him gloated laughing and looked salaciously at Yun Jian.

The young girl was pretty with large eyes and a small mouth. She was incredibly youthful.

Yun Yi clenched his fists but he could not lash out in fury. For his younger sister and mother, he had to endure it. He would never let his baby sister suffer even for a tiny bit!

He chose the latter option.

"Alright, I’ll do it!" The words were squeezed through his tightened jaws, evidence of Yun Yi’s current anger and indignation.

The crooks in front of him broke out in laughter as they waited for the show.

Yun Yi moved his long legs, planning to obey the man with a scar supposedly to satisfy them and calm down the situation, but he felt a cool sensation on his wrist before he managed to walk over.

Turning around, it was Yun Jian who grabbed his hand. Her eyes were trained in front of the hooligans. Her lips curled up into a cunning yet eerie smirk.

"Do you guys want to try dying once?"

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