The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 80 - A New Friend Seeking To Become Her Pupil

Chapter 80 - A New Friend Seeking To Become Her Pupil

The boy was not furious from being stepped on. Instead, he chuckled and rubbed his leg that he had already retracted. All the while he teased Yun Jian right in front of the teacher, "Hey, newbie! You’re pretty good! Let’s be friends! I’m Zhang Shaofeng, you are?"

Although Yun Jian had introduced herself before the entire class, no one actually paid attention to the new kid’s name.

Yun Jian ignored him and walked right past him toward her designated seat.

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There were immediately girls in the class who were upset.

Zhang Shaofeng was one of the popular guys in school. He was handsome and extremely charismatic. More crucially, his family was affluent. It was said that he was an heir to a successful group in Longmen City and with a worth in the millions.

Many girls in Class A were his admirers.

Therefore, they were instantly displeased by the newcomer Yun Jian.

"What’s the newbie so proud about? How dare she ignore Young Master Feng? Does she really think she’s a gem? Pfft!"

"Yeah! She’d better take a look at what she’s wearing – tsk, did she pick up her clothes from the street? How could she wear those!"


Yi High’s students were well-to-do. Consequently, in school they liked vying for nothing, comparing who wore the latest and most expensive luxury branded apparel.

Yun Jian’s attire caused her to become another topic of discussion among the girls who had not liked her since her introduction.

Nonetheless, Yun Jian ignored all of them as if she could not hear.

Her seat was beside the trashcan, so she had no desk mate.

Just as she wanted to take a little rest and close her eyes, someone touched her arm.

Opening her eyes, she was greeted by a docile-looking girl who sat in front of her.

"Hi, nice to meet you. I’m Chen Xinyi. Can I be your friend?" The girl blinked cutely and continued with a tone so casual it was as if she already knew her. "I know your name it’s Yun Jian. You don’t have to introduce yourself again, okay?"

Chen Xinyi was gracious. There was a sense of opulence in her vibe, but she did not criticize or look down at Yun Jian like other girls just because of how she dressed.

This elicited a sliver of affability from Yun Jian.

She nodded and replied to the cute girl. "Sure."

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"You agreed. We’re friends from now on, you can’t go back on your word!" Chen Xinyi grinned before she made a funny face at Yun Jian playfully.

Right after that, the bell for class rang.

Chen Xinyi chuckled and pursed her lips. "We have to start our lessons. Let’s go to the cafeteria together for lunch."

The next lesson was English, they had a quiz. It was basically a test, so the third and fourth periods of the lessons were combined.

After the two periods of class, it was lunch.

Yi High’s cafeteria employed a card payment system where students could load their lunch money onto a card and swipe them to pay for their ordered meal.

Lunch was half an hour, sufficient for the students to queue up and eat.

Yun Jian did not have her card yet. Chen Xinyi hooked arms with her and generously asked her to use her card first as the school’s cafeteria did not accept cash payment.

After receiving their meals and sitting themselves down on the lunch table, Chen Xinyi could not help firing questions at Yun Jian. Even the way she addressed her became friendly. "Jian Jian, which school were you in before your transfer?"

She ate a spoonful as she spoke.

Hearing "Jian Jian" from Chen Xinyi, Yun Jian was surprised at how odd it sounded but did not give much attention to it.

She did not dislike Chen Xinyi’s friendliness.

That was why she did not reject the latter when she took the initiative to hook arms with her just now.

"Xinjiang Town Junior High School," Yun Jian replied, chewing a big mouthful of meat.

Her figure was slightly on the petite side. It was still easy for her to fight an ordinary person, but if she were to encounter elite secret agents or assassins from her past life, she would lack physically. She had to nourish herself to build up her physique.

"Wow, that must be fun..." Chen Xinyi did not mean any disdain. She was purely childlike.

Right opposite of their table of four, a handsome beaming face of a boy sat down in front of Yun Jian with his food tray.

Looking up, it was Zhang Shaofeng.

The plain sight of Zhang Shaofeng roused screams and stares from some girls in the cafeteria.

"Hey, newbie. I know that you’re Yun Jian, right? Haha!" Zhang Shaofeng was still grinning when he spoke to Yun Jian.

He then scanned around before sticking closer to the girl and asked in a whisper, "When you were about to be tripped in class, your eyes were looking ahead, not the floor. How did you know that I was going to trip you? Yun Jian, do you know martial arts? You’re awesome! Don’t tell me it was just a coincidence. I have sharp eyes. Can I be your pupil? Teach me your ways, okay? I won’t expose your secret!"

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