The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 81 - School Dismissal On Friday. He Said Get In

Chapter 81 - School Dismissal On Friday. He Said Get In

When Zhang Shaofeng spoke, Yun Jian took a glance at him before looking down to continue eating without giving him a reply.

It put the boy on edge as he turned to look at Chen Xinyi who was hiding her chortle. "Hey, Xinyi, help me out here!"

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It seemed that both of them knew each other and had some sort of history.

"Heh heh!" Chen Xinyi chuckled with a hand over her mouth and looked at Yun Jian. "Jian Jian, don’t teach him. He’s not a nice person!"

Zhang Shaofeng and Chen Xinyi were actually cousins and had grown up bantering. As the former was a few months older, as well as him being a trickster, he was always bullying the poor girls.

Consequently, Chen Xinyi took the opportunity and jabbed the boy in front of Yun Jian as revenge.

"Shh, go away!" Zhang Shaofeng bared his fist at Chen Xinyi hearing what she said and told Yun Jian, "Yun Jian, I don’t care. Given you haven’t said anything, I’ll take your silence as an agreement to take me as your pupil!"

Yun Jian cracked a half smile and shook the chopsticks in her hands, saying faintly, "Eat."

The other two were speechless.

A week passed swiftly. Yun Jian had been relatively relaxed at the school without encountering any troubles.

Even when there were some petty issues, Chen Xinyi and Zhang Shaofeng were there to cover for Yun Jian.

Zhang Shaofeng had also been chasing after Yun Jian and incessantly called her "master", shocking many others.

Yun Jian was speechless about it.

In the blink of an eye, it was already Friday. Yun Jian packed what she wanted to take home for the weekend, putting them all in her bag since she did not have much. With her backpack only slung on one shoulder, she left the dorm through the school gate.

There was a direct route bus from Longmen Yi Junior High School’s gate to the vicinity of Dong Ruan’s mansion.

Yun Jian stepped out of the school and walked toward the bus stand.

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There was a lot of foot traffic outside the school compound, as cars were not yet a common sight in this era. Majority of the students took the bus.


While Yun Jian was waiting for the bus among the crowd, a black shiny limited edition Lamborghini sports car skidded to the vacant lot in front of the school gate before it halted securely.

Yun Jian narrowed her eyes, having seen the charming Si Yi who sat in the driver seat from afar.

Why was he here?

With a squint, she wondered with curiosity since the guy was barely related to her.

As she was engrossed by her thoughts, the girls who crowded around the gate were screaming.

"Oh my god, who’s that?"

"So charming! How can there be such a person so handsome in this world! Oh gosh, am I dreaming..."

"Who’s he here to pick up? His girlfriend? Wow, I’m so envious! His girlfriend must be a rich beautiful girl!"

Cars were a rare sight in this era, but most of Yi High’s students had private family cars. So it was not exactly a miracle to see a car appearing before the school.

In spite of it, this Lamborghini sports car was limited edition. There were only a handful of units in the entire world.

Even if one could not recognize its scarcity, one could at least guess its value.

The crowd was stunned.

While they held their breath staring at Si Yi, too afraid to breathe any louder, they saw Si Yi turning his perfectly sculpted face to look at Yun Jian with his deep beautiful eyes with his lips pressed together. "Get in."

Get in? Who? Everyone searched around for the person.

Then, they saw a girl who wore a high ponytail and extremely old and faded clothes, without any branded apparel walking over.

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