The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 83 - Can You Drive? The Appearance of Snake.Lizard

Chapter 83 - Can You Drive? The Appearance of Snake.Lizard

Speeding all the way home, maximizing the car’s horsepower, Yun Jian did not seem to be intimidated throughout the journey. Her gaze did not even waver. An ordinary girl would have been shrieking of shock from the terrifying speed.

Si Yi narrowed his eyes.

This girl had seemed to be extraordinary from the first time they met.

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Arriving at the mansion, Yun Jian went back to her room.

At this point in time, no one was dismissed from work yet, whether it was Dong Ruan who was a high-ranking official or Qin Yirou who had gone out to work.

The whole mansion housed only Yun Jian, and Si Yi who was in his room not too far away from hers.

It was awkward.

Yun Jian was already in her bedroom with her laptop switched on as she logged on to the secret webpage.

"Beep, beep, beep."

Three beeps later, a notification window popped out. It was a recent message from Snake.Lizard that was short and sharp. "I’m here."

She was already in Longmen City.

Yun Jian pressed her lips while her fingers skid across the keyboard. "Wait for me. I’ll come right now." She closed the webpage, turned off the laptop, and headed out after changing into casual clothes.

As she stepped out of the door, she saw Si Yi opening his door to exit his room as well.

Yun Jian blinked before she walked over to him and stretched out her hand unabashedly. "Lend me your Lamborghini."

Si Yi arched his brow as he stared quizzically at Yun Jian. "Can you drive?"

He had checked the girl’s identity. She came from an average background and was still an underage teenager.

The truth, however, was not as simple.

"Yeah," Yun Jian answered while waving her hand.

Si Yi was generous, tossing the keys to the girl.

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His Lamborghini was a limited edition sports car and he personally had modified it too. It was rare for him to lend it to others. In fact, he had never let anyone else drive the car after it came to his possession.

Yun Jian was the first one to drive it other than him.

Si Yi did not even know why he had just let her borrow his car like that.

In spite of it, Yun Jian was already seated in the driver seat of the Lamborghini with the engine ignited.

She stepped on the accelerator, causing a steady rumble from the body of the car. Testing the car’s specifications, she realized that it was a high-performance vehicle.

Compared to her favorite car in her previous life, the LaFerrari, this was not lacking in any aspect!

"Vroom, vroom... vroom!"

As the last rev of the engine sounded, Yun Jian stepped on the accelerator and disengaged the clutch before the Lamborghini shot out like a strike of lightning.

Right in front of the Glittery Gold Hotel, Yun Jian stepped on the brake. The Lamborghini abruptly drifted in front of the entrance and came to a secure stop.

The Glittery Gold Hotel was a five-star hotel in Longmen City.

One could dine and even be accommodated at the hotel. Its appeal came from its superb interior design that was one of the best in the city.

Certainly, its price tag was relatively higher as well.

In addition, Longmen City’s high-ranking officials like the mayor, secretary, and other exclusive personages opted for this hotel whenever locational convenience was a consideration.

Yun Jian hopped off the Lamborghini and entered the hotel with a squint.

With the flash of her eyes, she saw a woman sitting at the corner.

From behind, the woman looked ordinary, she was wearing a hat too. Yet her side profile was immaculate and beautiful.

She was only in her twenties.

Seated opposite her was a middle-aged man in his forties. They were currently conversing.

Yun Jian walked over to them while holding a squint in her eyes.

It was evident that the woman was Snake.Lizard.

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