The Schoolgirl Secret Agent Chapter 85 - You’re Slaying God. An Intentional Hard Time

Chapter 85 - You’re Slaying God. An Intentional Hard Time

"You’re... Slaying God?"

There was only the two of them in the hotel booth. Snake.Lizard asked in disbelief with a deep frown while she stared at Yun Jian, who was seated on the bench opposite her, grinning with crescent eyes.

No matter how she looked at the girl in front of her, who had thin limbs and a flawlessly pretty face, she was still a stark contrast from the Slaying God whom she knew – be it her face or her height.

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Currently, there were no outsiders. Yun Jian nodded at Snake.Lizard with a smirk. "Who else can it be other than me?"

That was also true. Who else, other than the Slaying God, could emanate the dominance that commanded her submission?

Aside from the two of them, how could a third person know of the code message between them?

"Why do you look like this now?" She asked in a confounded tone. Snake.Lizard let down her guard. After repeatedly confirming that Yun Jian was the Slaying God.

Was there anyone who could actually keep calm if they encountered someone they knew rebirthed into someone else’s body?

This was the reason Yun Jian had kept the truth from those around her after the rebirth.

Even if she were open about it, no one would believe her. They might even think that she had lost her mind.

However, it was different with Snake.Lizard. Yun Jian understood Snake.Lizard and knew her Achilles’ heel. She could tell her the truth fearlessly.

At the same time, when she was the secret agent, Slaying God. Snake.Lizard was the person she trusted the most.

"It’s a long story. I touched the box that day and when I woke up, this was who I became." Yun Jian shrugged and smiled helplessly.

"That sandalwood box?" Snake.Lizard asked, l.i.c.k.i.n.g her lips.

Her question earned a nod from Yun Jian.

Snake.Lizard was the only one aware that in her past life, she was going to rescue her kidnapped younger brother.

"There’s no turning back. We can’t change it. But I’m happy with my current state." Yun Jian diverted the topic wearing a bashful smile.

After her rebirth, she was grateful to possess the kinship that she had been longing for.

Yun Jian then asked Snake.Lizard to tell her about the Gu Sha Mercenaries’ current status.

It put a frown on Snake.Lizard’s brows as her tone turned more solemn. "Those old men can’t wait any longer!"

"Oh?" Yun Jian chuckled with an arch of her brow.

The old men referred to were some of Gu Sha Mercenaries’ founding members. They were the subordinates of the organization’s former boss.

Yun Jian was only sixteen years old in her past life, still a very young age. It was just that she was inexplicably one year younger upon her rebirth, and became fifteen years old.

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During her previous life, when she was fourteen, she had personally killed Gu Sha’s boss and led her squad into an invasion that later took control over the mercenary. It had only been two years since then.

In spite of it, an assassin organization could not be fully supported by just a handful of people.

Those old folks had been putting up with her, finding opportunities for an insurgence to wipe her out just because she had killed the former boss.

Of course, Yun Jian would not let them get her way. She could even easily have eliminated those old men, but it was not the appropriate time.

The old folks had a powerful support network. If she quashed them right away, Gu Sha Mercenaries’ force would be greatly discounted. Consequently, it would pose a grave disadvantage to her if other assassin organizations leveraged the timing of their collapse.

What she wanted to achieve was to completely replace the old members of Gu Sha Mercenaries with her own subordinates, letting those old folks fall one step after another into hell!

"Stay here in Longmen City for now. There’s no need to return to the organization. Notify Tiger.Leopard to keep a close eye on those men. If they’re up to something new, report to me immediately." Yun Jian wore a half smile that looked enchantingly eerie.

"Sure!" Snake.Lizard nodded. She had never refused Yun Jian’s order.

Tiger.Leopard was the person who had answered Yun Jian’s call in that random shop of Xinjiang Town.

Snake.Lizard and Tiger.Leopard had absolute allegiance towards Yun Jian. This was because both of them were saved by her!

Without Yun Jian, they would not be here today!


When Yun Jian and Snake.Lizard came down from the hotel’s booth, it was nearly evening.

Yun Jian walked in front while Snake.Lizard was behind her. Both of them were strolling down the hotel’s spiral staircase when a boisterous crowd of people came in through the entrance. Judging from their attire, one could tell that they were students.

Yun Jian saw someone extremely familiar among the group.

It was her elder brother Yun Yi. Why was he here?

Yun Jian was surprised, but Yun Yi and the other kids did not see her. Nonetheless, she caught the unease of her brother’s expression.

The boy standing beside Yun Yi was not Xu Haozhe, but someone who was dressed rather trendy.

The guy was suggesting brashly, "It’s Xu Haozhe’s birthday party today. We can’t come empty-handed for the meal right? Let’s give him a red packet of a hundred Chinese yuan each, is everyone agreeable?"

The group was fine with this proposal, but Yun Yi who stood among them felt alienated.

One hundred Chinese yuan was not a small figure to him. He was currently cornered in a tough spot.

The boy seemed to have had an opinion about Yun Yi for a long time, as he suddenly turned to the latter and said with a chuckle, "Yun Yi, you don’t have to spend anything. You’re poor, all of us know that you won’t be able to afford it. You’re best friends with Haozhe anyway, he won’t mind."

His words was a blatant provocation.

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